Spinning Saturday: Organic Merino

Thank you very much for the kind comments and condolences on my last post – it meant a lot to me! We are still missing our kitty a lot, but each day it’s a little easier to think about her and to smile at the memories. : )

So rather than writing a whole bunch of words this week, this will be a quick little show-off post of a yarn I finished!

Fiber: Organic Merino from Nest Fiber Studios, in the Tip Toe color way, 4 oz

Finished Yarn: 440 yards, light fingering weight

Technique notes: Worsted spun, forward short draw. Chain-plied/Navajo-plied on my Lendrum spinning wheel (explanation of this plying technique right over here…it creates a yarn with long color repeats/striping effect)






I have no clue what it will become, but for now I just like looking at the soft colors – they remind me a little of Easter eggs. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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