Yarn Along: Books, Socks, and an Ice Storm

Like most of the Southern and Eastern part of the US, my town is in the middle of a big wintry mess right now: we started with about six inches of snow this afternoon, and it’s quickly being covered with a layer of icy rain this evening. My husband’s employer required him to stay for a meeting, and he almost ended up being stuck at the office tonight, but decided to risk a slow and careful drive home, and luckily made it in safe and sound. Whew. Huge sigh of relief.


To distract myself from imagining vivid and increasingly tragic scenarios in which he slid off the road into an enormous pine tree, I grabbed my knitting and a good book. I also wanted to participate in the Yarn Along over at Small Things, which I haven’t had a chance to do in a long while! The idea is that you share what you’re currently knitting and reading, and you get to check out what everyone else is working and reading on, too.


I’m knitting on a pair of handspun socks, just the Basic Ribbed Sock by Kate Atherly, which I’ve knit a couple times before. I’m knitting it out of some white Shetland wool, in the Hatteras color way by Nest Fiber Studio.


I’m reading a lot (but not an alot!) of different things right now. I always have to laugh at myself when I read other Yarn Along entries that feature one single book at a time. Oh, monogamous readers. How do you stick with one book at a time, where there are so many tempting choices out there? This week’s selections:

  • The Dead in their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley, book six in the Flavia de Luce series, featuring an 11-year-old detective and chemistry wiz who solves mysteries in 1950s Britain. I adore Flavia, and I adore this series. If you are a mystery fan, an Anglophile, or love science and/or good writing, I would recommend this for sure! The first one in the series is The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.
  • Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, of the blog by the same name. Everyone who’s ever used the Internet knows this blog by now, yes? If you don’t, you should! Funny, honest, and true comics and stories.
  • One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson. This is the latest from my most beloved nonfiction writer, of A Walk in the Woods fame, and I’ve been savoring it and reading a few pages each night. This is a look at the 1920s in America (the title may have given that away) that weaves together the stories of Charles Lindbergh, Herbert Hoover, Al Capone, Clara Bow, as well as lots of other famous and ordinary and fascinating folks.

yarnalong_gsheller_aquaI’m off to go snuggle up with more knitting and reading, and hope with all my fingers crossed that the power stays on during this ice storm! Hope you’re staying and warm and safe this evening. : )


8 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Books, Socks, and an Ice Storm

  1. THis is great yarn! I think when I die they should just put me in a cardboard box with fabric and yarn…I’ll be smiling naturally! It does bring out that HAPPY in me!
    As I have aged, I’m losing the ability to multitask and have never enjoyed reading several books as much as one at a time…i just mix them up! Glad you can do that. It takes special skill!

    • Thank you! Yarn definitely brings me a smile, too!

      I would probably get more books finished, if I didn’t multitask! Haha. Since I’m a school librarian, I always have kids and YA books for school going, at the same time as I read adult books for fun…when I find a really good book, though, I tend to be a monogamous reader until I finish it, though. : )

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