Intentions, not resolutions.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend – I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend, with lots of knitting and spinning and hanging around the house. We had an alleged “winter storm” here in central North Carolina on Thursday night. School for the kids was going to be out anyway so that the teachers could be in workshops, but the workshops were cancelled and we were allowed to take a leave day if we preferred  Luckily I’ve squirreled away some leave time, so I stayed home! I did brave the treacherous winter storm conditions to take a few photos Friday morning. : ) Look at that trace dusting of snow!




I also spent some time this weekend thinking about what I want to accomplish with my knitting and spinning this year. I’ve learned not to make concrete resolutions, as much as I actually ADORE them. I love the fresh clean slate feeling of the new year; I love making to-do lists; I love the can-do spirit of setting lofty goals and objectives. Ahh, so satisfying. What I don’t love is the inevitable let-down when I don’t magically achieve all these amazing goals before December 31st. Real life, man! Always harshing my mellow. What a drag.

So…I decided to set some intentions, not resolutions. General paths to take as the months go by, but with nothing strictly mapped out. They include:

Getting back to sweater knitting. I consider myself a sweater knitter at heart, but I only knit two sweaters in 2012. Lame.

Trying to purchase US-made yarn, and/or yarn that I can confirm was sustainably made by people who are receiving a living wage. It’s kind of hard to list this one without sounding sanctimonious, but there it is. It’s important to me, and I am so grateful that I’m now financially able to make that a focus. I completely understand choosing yarn for mainly financial reasons; as a beginning knitter I could only afford sale yarn at Michaels, and in fact I recently purchased KnitPicks yarn for holiday gifts. But it’s something I want to change about my own yarn shopping as I go forward. I also want to try spinning several heritage and threatened breeds of sheep wool – if the demand for their wool disappears, those sheep breeds may disappear too! All of the below breeds are rated as “critical” by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy:

Critical Breeds

{1: Hog Island sheep at Mt Vernon, photo by julz91}  { 2:  Gulf Coast sheep, photo by frankcheez} {3: Leicester Longwool at Colonial Williamsburg, photo by me}

(All images licensed under Creative Commons)

Spinning at least 4 ounces a month. I am a super slow spinner, so this might be tricky!

Learn to use the supported spindle I bought way back…in OCTOBER. It’s just been sitting there looking pretty for over three months.


Knit more from my books. I have such a great library of eye-candy-filled knitting books because I ask for them for Xmas every year, yet I so rarely turn to them when it’s time to choose a pattern. Why?? Must knit more from pattern books. Yes.


So that’s that. I’ll see how closely I stick to what I intend (not resolve!) to do this year. I’m off to enjoy the evening before it’s back to school tomorrow, and to polish off the last of a batch of Browned Butter Snickerdoodles I baked from the Baked Elements cookbook this weekend. If you like eating, do yourself a favor and check it out (or the Baked guys’ first book or second one….not that I own them all or anything. Just kidding! I totally do.) Highly recommended, although I’m not responsible for any resulting baked-good addictions! Have a happy week.



7 thoughts on “Intentions, not resolutions.

  1. Beautiful photos, wonderful post. I would love to know more about the US wool and heritage and endangered sheep wool. They are so cute and i would hate for them to disappear, I imagine they make incredible wool!

    • Thank you! I definitely plan to write more in-depth about heritage sheep breeds – they are very cute. : ) I don’t have a ton of experience with spinning or knitting with wool from rare breeds, but I hope to gain more this year!

  2. Beautiful pictures of ice and melting ice! I love your knitting intentions, too.

    And cookies! Yum! The owner of Baked (well, one of them as there are two) lives in my building… I always hope that one day I’ll run into him in the elevator and he’ll have cookies and just give them to me out of the goodness of his heart. Hasn’t happened yet, but he does bring cookies to building meetings from time to time! 😉

    • Oh my gosh!! That’s awesome. I am a little bit jealous! I wish I had famous baking neighbors. : ) We’ve loved every Baked recipe we’ve ever tried, and I definitely want to visit either their Brooklyn or Charleston bakery in person (or both!)

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