Finished: Solstice Cardigan

I should know by now not to make plans or promises about blog posts, because inevitably I’ll get a 3-week-long sinus infection that knocks me for a loop. My spring break was spent visiting various doctors’ offices and pharmacies, trying to figure out why my face feels like it’s going to explode, and the subsequent weeks went by in a haze of antibiotics and allergy medicine. I didn’t make it to the fiber festival after all. I am also THE WORST at being sick, because medical stuff is my crazy phobia. You know how some people have an absolute dread of clowns or snakes? That’s how I feel about doctors and hospitals. I actually feel more scared of the treatment than of the discomfort of being sick. I know it’s irrational. I’m very grateful that doctors and nurses exist, I just wish I never ever had to see one. Ever.

(Sidebar embarrassing story: in my freshman year of college, my anthropology 101 professor went into a graphic description of female circumcision [with illustrations!] and I totally PASSED OUT AND FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR. Onto the floor. In the middle of class. While wearing a skirt. That pretty succinctly illustrates how much any medical/anatomy topics freak me out.)

Luckily, my mom talked me into going to the doctor, modern medicine prevailed, and I’m feeling much better. I didn’t really do any spinning, and only a little knitting, while I was sick. I did manage to put the final touches on a sweater that I’ve had mostly finished since early March, though! First finished sweater of 2013!


Pattern: Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald {purchase for $6 here}  {Ravelry pattern page here}

Yarn: Quince and Co Osprey in chanterelle (Aran weight; I used 5.5 skeins)

Needles: 10.5 US (6.55 mm)

Modifications: I decreased more frequently on the sleeves – every 10 rows, instead of every 16. The sleeves are still too big though. I think that’s just a result of the top-down raglan construction; you end up with a large number of stitches set aside for the sleeves just due to the increases for a raglan yoke.

I found debwp’s Ravelry notes to be very helpful before and during this project. Her tip about using different colored stitch markers to mark off each section of the yoke is crucial! There is a lot going on in the beginning of this pattern, and you need to make certain which stitch pattern you’re working for each section of the yoke.

Overall, I’m pleased with this sweater. I’ve wanted to knit it for years, and in the exact color of the Quince and Co sample, too! If knitting again, I would have modified it to be smaller. Although I’ve been wearing it as a jacket, over other layers, it’s still a teeny bit too loose. I do really love the stitch textures and pockets though. : )



Spring 2013

This week is the Scholastic Spring Book Fair at my library (eep! the kids love it, but it’s a lot of work) so I may not be able to participate in the upcoming Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, which is April 22-28. It’s organized by Eskimimi, and you can find all the details at her blog right over here. Even if I don’t get it together to participate, I will definitely be checking in and seeing what other bloggers are up to! It’s a really cool way to discover those hidden treasure blogs that don’t have a huge audience, but have great projects, photos, and writing. Hope you all have a lovely week! : )



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