Finished: Casu Cowl



Pattern: Casu Cowl by Gaila Lael

Yarn: Handspun from Pigeonroof Studios in the Miss Marple colorway; Mixed BFL; sportweight

Needles: Size 6 US, 4mm

After I knit this pattern and wore it once, I wanted to knit a million long wraparound cowls. They’re genius!  You can just wrap them on any old way, and they look cute and jaunty and carefree. Plus, they have no annoying scarf ends to come loose and get in your way. I love you, cowls.

The other thing I’m really happy with is that this project is knit from my handspun. The fiber is mixed Blue Faced Leicester, a sheep breed that get its name because it has black skin on its head. Covered in white hair, their heads can evidently look bluish in certain lights! (Info from Knitter’s Book of Wool by Clara Parkes).




I had big plans this weekend to block an almost-finished sweater and sew on buttons, and went to get it from my sewing/knitting bag  to discover that someone had made the sweater into her own personal bed. At that point, I decided to leave it be. : ) Maybe next weekend. Hope you have a lovely week full of fibery goodness!



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