Finished Object Friday: Sockhead Hat

It seems like ages since I’ve had an actual finished item to share!


Pattern: Sockhead Hat pattern by Kelly McClure (it’s free!)

Ravelry:  my project page here   ~   pattern page here

Yarn: Falkland handspun, from Nest Fiber Studios fiber in the Chanteuse color, 4 oz. I probably used about…300 yards

Needles: Size US 2 (2.75mm)

Modifications: I didn’t want quite so slouchy a hat, so I stopped after a total length of 9 inches from the cast-on edge to begin doing my decreases (so 4 inches shorter than what the pattern calls for.) I have a tiny little pinhead. I think I would have ended up wearing a wizard cap with all that extra fabric.


So I actually have needed to wear this wool hat this week, despite the fact that I live in the South and it’s almost April. It’s been so chilly! We did have one really warm day in the 70s (around 21C) a couple weeks ago, while my inlaws were visiting. We took the opportunity to visit a local gardens on the campus of Duke University. Oddly enough, it’s called Duke Gardens. : ) We love to visit at different times of the year, and soak in all the gorgeous flower beds and trees as they transition through the seasons. The gardeners there do an amazing job.






This year, they’ve added a small farm/gardening area that shows how you can grow seasonal veggies on a small plot of land, not much bigger than most yards. They also have a small chicken coop and beehives for harvesting honey. I love visiting it and daydreaming about having my own garden! Right now we live in a townhouse and are subject to the Byzantine laws of an HOA (No hanging laundry to dry! No bikes on porches! Flower beds must be regulation size!). I do understand the need for some of the rules, and we knew what we were getting into when we moved in, but I absolutely can’t wait to get into a larger space with some land where I can live out my Little House on the Prairie fantasies.









Spring Break is starting for me, and I have a full week planned of visits from family, sweater knitting, spinning, reading, and visiting a fiber festival next weekend (YAY alpaca!) so I should have lots of shenanigans to report. I also participated in a yarn crawl last weekend, and am working on a post to share my yarn crawl tips and tricks. : ) Hope you have a lovely, fibery weekend!


See more finished objects over at this week’s FO Friday!


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