Finished Object Friday: Yarn!

This week I have some finished handspun yarn to show off! I’ve been spinning up a storm lately; it seems to require less active thinking than knitting, for me at least, and I’m finding the automatic and repetitive motions really soothing. After having to rip out and completely re-knit one sweater sleeve early this week, I decided to just set my knitting aside until life slows down and my brain decides to start working again. : ) This is the Falkland fiber I was working on in my last post:


On the right is the big squishy skein, which is a 2-ply yarn that’s probably a sportweight. I had some leftover singles on one bobbin, so I chain plied them to make a small skein there on the left (chain plying preserves color changes to make a striped finished yarn, as in the little baby skein, whereas 2-plying or 3-plying mixes the colors all up, which you can see in the big mama skein). I always think it’s so cool to see how different plying methods result in such different finished yarns, from the same fiber.

I also finished spinning a skein of Surino (a Suri alpaca-merino blend) from Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to taking photos. It’s another 2-ply yarn that’s also around a sportweight. Notice a pattern? That’s definitely my “default” yarn I end up spinning.

Winter 20131

My next spinning project is going to be an antidote for the dreary, rainy, late-wintery weather we’ve been having lately. It’s superwash merino from Nest Fiber Studio in the Kismet colorway, and it’s part of a spin-a-long on the Nest Ravelry group. The bright colors are so clear and amazing, and I can’t wait to start on it. It’s by far the softest and fluffiest fiber I’ve ever worked with – imagine Persian kittens and cumulus clouds and downy baby duckling feathers, and you might get a tiny inkling of how soft this is. It’s incredible. I want a giant bed of it to sleep on.



Hope you have a beautiful weekend – I’m off to play with some more wool! Check out more Finished Objects at FO Fridays.




5 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday: Yarn!

  1. oh wow! the top yarn is just so gorgeous! your spinning is amazing!

    can’t wait to see what you do next! that fiber is so bright and cheery! the perfect antidote for a long winter!

  2. hello there, I’m stopping by after seeing your comment on my yarn-along post today…thank you! I just am drooling over your handspun yarn and am so happy to find another spinner. I am fairly new to it all, in a four years but had a few babies that I got distracted from spinning til now kind of way. And I just love your yarn!!!! What is chain plying because I’d love to know how to do that…thanks!
    xo Jules

    • Hi Jules! I’m glad you stopped by! : ) I really enjoyed your blog and photos. Chain plying (also called Navajo plying) is a technique where you make large loops with the singles, and then ply those into a 3-ply yarn. It keeps the color segments together, so you end up with a striped finished yarn. It’s kind of hard to explain in writing! If you search on YouTube for “Sarah Anderson Navajo Plying” there’s a great, really clear video that explains the process. I love the look of a chain plied yarn, even though it takes me a little more concentration than a regular plied yarn.
      Thanks for saying hello!

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