Spinning Sunday: Wensleydale, White Shetland, Merino

Hey there! It’s been a pretty productive couple weeks around here! 


Fiber: Wensleydale wool, commercial top, 4 ounces

Tool: Lendrum DT wheel

Notes: 120 yards in the big skein of 3-ply worsted weight, 20-ish yards in the chain-plied baby skein

Wensleydale is part of the longwool sheep category, which means the staple length (the length of the individual fibers) is really long. I would estimate it had a staple length of a good 5-6 inches, which made it nice and relaxing to spin, since it just flowed out of my hands and onto the bobbin, with very low twist. This guy really illustrates how long the locks of a Wensleydale sheep can be:


Photo by milknosugar, Flickr. Image licensed under Creative Commons.

The next fiber on my wheel has proven to be a big contrast to that loooooong wool – organic Merino from Nest Fiber Studios, in the Tip Toe colorway. Merino has a short staple length, so I tend to spin it with a lot of twist and in an inch-worm short forward draw style. For the non-spinners who have zoned out by now, that means that the fibers are more like 2.5 or 3 inches long, so I choose to twist them up tighter than I did with the long Wensleydale. It also means the singles are crazy sproing-y and bouncy! The Easter-egg colors are also cheering me up as I spin. 



Finally, I’ve finished up a pair of handspun socks! I don’t know what’s gotten into me with all these projects getting finished! Probably the hours of time I’ve spent parked in front of the Winter Olympics. : ) 



Yarn: Handspun from Nest Fiber Studios, Hatteras color way, Shetland wool

Needles: Size 0 US (2mm) 

Pattern: Basic Ribbed Sock by Kate Atherly 

I like that they don’t match. Hehe. Crazy mis-matched sock lady. 

Hope you all have a pleasant Sunday! I’m really eager for spring to get here. These last dregs of winter are never very fun, are they? There are little signs here in North Carolina; peeping frogs in the evenings, the buds on the trees beginning to pop out, the bright green leaves of daffodils and hyacinths starting to emerge from the soil. I know I’m ready for some sunshine. : ) 


4 thoughts on “Spinning Sunday: Wensleydale, White Shetland, Merino

    • Thanks so much! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the Wensleydale, but I really enjoyed spinning it. I’m interested to hear how you like it if you decide to try some. I’d love to spin it again, but I’ll try and track down some hand-dyed though, because the plain white got a little boring. : )

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