Hello! Hi, hello there. This is me dipping my toe back into the waters of knit blogging. Somehow a brief break from blogging stretched into a month, then a couple months, then a nine-month disappearing act. My sincerest apologies for the absence! It became so long and conspicuous that I avoided posting anything at all, simply because I would have to acknowledge that I’ve been MIA for the same amount of time it takes to gestate a human baby. Whoops.

But! I have really missed blogging, and checking in on others’ blogs, and the influx of great ideas and inspiration I get from seeing what everyone’s up to. I’ve also felt as if something was missing – the writing, the photo-taking, the slowing down and carefully crafting a blog post – that couldn’t necessarily be replaced with tweets or updating my Ravelry notebook.

I’ve knit and spun A LOT since March, but it seems futile to go back and try to update everything, so I’ll just pick up where I am now, with my latest spinning project.

The below fiber was dyed by the awesome Jen of Nest Fiber Studio (check her Ravelry group for info about when to catch an update. You should realize that my sharing this info means I really love you, because it’s already tricky enough to get anything in your cart during the lightning-fast updates!) and is in the Nausicaa colorway in Falkland wool.






For the techie spinner details – I split the braid into two equal halves, then chain-plyed to get a heavy fingering-weight yarn . For the non-techies, that means the yarn will be striping, and the stripes will be fairly thin. I’m not sure what this will become yet. I think it would make a pretty fantastic Ida’s Kitchen Hat.

One quick holiday pattern I made back in December were three Owl Puffs, for my mom, sister, and aunt. I shamelessly copied NoKnitSherlock’s brilliant Owl Be Home for Christmas modifications for the details. They are perfect for random scraps of yarn. Cuteness!


A few more random holiday images from our Christmas trip home to Kentucky – where it SNOWED. Snow! Real, actual snow fell from THE SKY! Living in Central North Carolina makes snow pretty unlikely, so my husband and I ran outside to gawk and play in an inch of slushy snow. But so pretty!


Winter 2013

I’m feeling positive about 2013; it’s gonna be a good one. Happy New Year!




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  1. Happy New Year! Yay, we’re both coming back at the same time. 🙂

    I love the colors of your handspun and those owls are adorable! And gorgeous pics of snow. Looking forward to catching up with what’s going on with you!

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