Yvaine handspun shawl

Pattern: Yvaine shawl, by Liz Abinante. Get it here!

Yarn: My own handspun. La di da! Cloudlover Polworth in the Haunted Vineyard colorway.Part of the Knit Girllls Spin-a-long/Knit-a-long.

Needles: size US 7s

This was my first big project from my handspun yarn, and it was a really fun knit. Easy, TV-watching knitting, but the seed stitch detail adds enough texture to make it interesting. I would knit this again in a minute.

My next spinning project is another Knit Girllls inspired purchase. They’re hosting a spin-a-long where we try different breeds of sheep that might be new to us, and expand our spinning experience beyond the usual BFL or merino. February’s breed was Shetland. Several people in the group bought these sets of naturally gradiant Shetland fibers from the Sheep’s Company. She packages “ombre” sets of 4 or 5 natural fibers from different sheep that are in gradient shades. I loved the concept, and I bought myself the brown gradient as a reward for running four miles without taking a walk break. : )


The fiber is packaged very cutely, with a little notecard from the sheep who “donated” their fiber, and a little lavender sachet. I’m behind on the spin-a-long, but oh well. Looking forward to trying a new fiber, and trying to decide on the perfect gradient project!


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