Happy 2012

Hello, and happy new year! I had the loveliest of holidays, visiting with my family in Kentucky, and am now back in Real Life. While visiting at home, I discovered that my mom reads my blog, so – Hi Mom! : ) The  fiber-related gifts I got were all knitting, crochet, and sewing pattern books. Um…a lot of books. Yeah. I can’t wait to spend a whole afternoon flipping through and dreaming about all these patterns! I also got the newest books from a couple of my favorite comedy people, Mindy Kaling and John Hodgman. Lots of reading ahead for 2012.

I got a decent amount of knitting and spinning done at home. I always pack an ENORMOUS amount of knitting when I go on any trip, persisting in the delusion that I will somehow have time and energy to complete entire projects while traveling. Never happens, but that doesn’t stop me from packing it! One thing I did actually finish was spinning and plying my Polwarth fiber, from Cloudlover in the Haunted Vineyard colorway.

The singles were spun on my Cascade Little Si spindle, it was chain-plyed on my big ole Louet 2.7 oz spindle, and I ended up with 376 yards. It’s a little uneven, but I’m happy with it!

The project is for the KnitGirllls podcast spin-and-knit-along, where everyone works with the same fiber, chooses from a list of patterns, and then you get to see how all the different projects turn out. I cast on for the knitting portion last night, choosing the Yvaine shawl. I love (LOVE) how this is turning out so far. The yarn is really soft, has a nice drape, and watching the color changes work with the pattern is so fun.

Plus? The yarn? I totally made it!

My next spinning project will be using some Fat Cat Knits Falkland fiber. She pairs together colorways in her store that will share some of the same tones but are still quite different, and you can get a 2 oz braid of each. These colorways are Nerds (that would be the candy-colored, retina-searing fiber on the bottom) and Tanzanite. I’m planning to 2-ply these together, and just see what happens! Fun.

Since it’s a new year, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make the blog a little more exciting, for me and for you all. I’d like to start a new habit of providing links to newly-released patterns each week, ones that I love and want to share with you. I won’t be including the image, since I don’t always have time to track down permission from the copyright holder, but click on those links and it’ll take you right to the page where you can admire the awesomeness. : ) My favorites this week:

  • Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed released Wool People 2, a collection of stellar, gorgeous patterns, from pretty much all my favorite designers, using his yarns Shelter and Loft. I need to make Norby immediately; it’s a slouchy hat with a great texture and TASSELS! Must, must knit. Lawrence and Graham are great sweaters. Seriously, the whole collection is beautiful. Love it all.
  • Grown Up Girl by Joji Locatelli is an adorable, comfy looking cardigan with cute flower and leaf details. It also has optional ties at the waist, which I think is a cool feature.
  • North Lyme is another slouchy hat with a great texture…knit in gray…that I love. Is a pattern emerging here? It’s designed by Wooly Wormhead, and the pattern also comes with a beanie option.

So much potential knitting! It’s going to be a great fibery 2012. : )


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