Hello! Hi! It’s been a while. I want to just pop in for a second to say I’m still around, although I managed to not blog for over a month. Our computer got a virus back in November, and I lost several dozen photos when we had to re-image it. Luckily we’d backed up most of my photos on an external hard drive, but I lost several hours worth of photo editing, had to re-load a million different things on Photoshop Elements, and then I just got so grumpy about the whole mess that I didn’t want to take or edit a single photo for weeks Hrumph.

The other thing that has sapped my blogging energy is work…during the last month, the school district where I work decided to close my school at the end of this school year. Then a few weeks later, they decided not to close it, but to phase it out over the next two years. Maybe. If we get enough families to agree to come back. Which we won’t know for months yet, leaving the staff completely up in the air about our jobs. Stressful! Whoa.

Combine that with the usual holiday craziness, and, yeah. I’ve been lucky to just accomplish basic tasks like eating and exercising and brushing my teeth, let alone engaging in my hobbies. The basic survival level maintenance is about all I can handle right now.

I did spin a bit more on the Cloudlover Fiber, and I figured out how to chain ply on a spindle using this tutorial by Knottygal. I LOVE the results of chain plying with this fiber. It keeps the colors of your fiber together, rather than mixing them all up. I’ve plied 2 ounces of it, and am spinning up the remaining 2 ounces this week.

Pretty! Alright, I’ve got presents to wrap and a house to clean so I better get moving. I won’t wait another six weeks to check back in, I promise. : )


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