Happy November! Let’s catch up, shall we?

It’s been a long while! I had to take a break from all fiber-related stuff for almost two weeks due to a random and mysterious hand injury. I’m not sure exactly what happened, although I suspect I spent too much time spinning one evening, because I woke up with a really sore muscle in my right hand the next morning. I rested it for several days, and it still never seemed to heal. Finally I stopped using my right hand for basically anything at all, and that seemed to do the trick. My hand is fine now, but it made me realize that almost everything I do – knit, spin, type, shelve books at work, cook – relies on my hands! That might be a massive duh, but I’m now so much more appreciative of having pain-free hands and careful to avoid injuring myself. I don’t spin or knit for more than an hour at a time, and I’m trying to limit my computer time. Which is probably a good thing for my brain as well as my hands. : )

While taking a break from all of my other hobbies, I did a lot of reading. Here’s the stack of library books I’m currently making my way through:

It’s been such a relief though to be able to knit and spin in the evenings. I realized how much I rely on playing with yarn to calm me down from the chaos of middle school. I spun and plied the merino top I got from the knitting show I went to back in September. It’s from the Unplanned Peacock Studio and I like the nice purple-y jewel tones.


Fiber: Merino top, 4 oz

Spindle: Cascade Little Si

Details: 2-ply, 232 yards, sport-weight-ish

This is my second skein of yarn, and I’m very happy with it. I 3-plied my first skein, and I definitely noticed a difference with this one. Of course you get more yardage when you 2-ply, but the 3-ply nestles together really nicely, hides a lot of unevenness, and makes a pleasantly round yarn. My singles are still pretty wonky, so I might 3-ply in the future to even things out a bit. Hmm.

Speaking of more spinning, this is next on my spindle. It’s for the Knitgirllls Podcast spin/knit-a-long, and it’s Polworth from Cloudlover Fibers. The colorway is called Haunted Vineyard, and I think it’s awesome for fall. The participants in the SAL/KAL will all use the same fiber and/or yarn, and choose from a list of patterns. It’ll be fun to see how we all start with the same thing and end up with different finished projects.

Fall has been chugging right along; it always seems that after Halloween, there’s a crazy downhill slide right into Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Almost before I realize it, the holidays are here and gone again. Hopefully I can take some time to enjoy autumn before I rush right into winter. : )


2 thoughts on “

  1. I LOVE that purple yarn! So pretty!

    I’m sorry you hurt your hand (but glad it healed!)… my hands hurt right now too and it feels so strange not to knit, but it does make me heal quicker so I’m trying my hardest not to reach for those knitting needles. *sigh*

    • Thanks! I hope your hands heal quickly! It was SO hard to take a break from knitting and spinning, but obviously worth it to keep my hands healthy. No fun, though!

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