Work in Progress: Rustling Leaves.

Whew…having one of those weeks where it’s a miracle to make it to the halfway mark. I had a nice little package waiting for me when I got home from work, though!

My pre-ordered copy of Coastal Knits came in the mail! The book is a collaboration between two awesome designers, Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig. I love both of their designs, so as soon as I heard this book was available for preorder, I snapped up a copy. When you paid for the book, they also sent you two of the designs in a pdf, as well as coupon codes for their online pattern shops. Nice!

The book is just lovely, and I may do a more in-depth review sometime soon. I will be finished with my first project from the book soon, the Rustling Leaves beret. It was one of the pre-order pdf patterns, and I cast on for it in Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn in the firecracker colorway, basically the second I saw the pattern.

The pattern has been going really quickly so far, and it’s fun to see the leaves take shape. It’s a great autumn project!

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9 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Rustling Leaves.

    • Thank you! I plan to take some time this weekend to read through it more in-depth – the patterns are very detailed and thorough, and they also included some personal essays. It’s definitely a lovely book though!

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