Works in Progress Wednesday: Augusta cardigan.

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got something to show for myself this week: the pieces of my Augusta Cardigan are finished! I soaked and blocked them after work today, and hopefully they’ll be dry by Friday, despite the North Carolina humidity.

After years of blocking, I’ve learned a few things. One: make sure when squeezing water out of a garment to use the oldest and dingiest towels in your home. Just in case, oh, let’s say…the yarn stains them pink.

Two: no matter what or where you are blocking, a cat will be lurking somewhere in the background. Plotting. Scheming. Just patiently waiting for you to leave so he or she can walk all over your lovingly-handknit items.

And, because photos of sweater pieces blocking are not the most exciting viewing, I also have some yarn candy to share. I drove Saturday (in a torrential rainstorm, no less) to the Knit and Crochet Show, held by the Knitting Guild Association in a different location each spring and fall. The fall show happened to be an hour away from me this year, and since my husband was working that morning, I thought I’d pop on over and check it out. It didn’t hurt that I knew Miss Babs would have a booth there.

It was definitely on a much smaller scale than the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF), which is the biggest annual fiber festival ’round these parts. The other difference is that many of the booths were yarn shops with yarn from the big companies like Cascade, Berocco, etc., as opposed to indie dyers or small farms. I had fun just browsing and petting the yarn though. I did somehow manage to find a few things to purchase! Haha. The first treats I bought were actually from an alpaca farm in Kentucky, Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works. I bought a couple skeins of the yarn they spin in a blend of alpaca and merino. I think it wants to be a colorwork hat.

I also got a batt of the alpaca-merino blend, in a light turquoise. Pretty! I think I’ll hang onto this until I’m a more experienced spinner. It was nice to get a little something from my home state!



I also got some spinning fiber at the Unplanned Peacock Studio booth. It’s merino top, 4 ounces, in the Lobelia colorway. I love how vivid it is! The dyer and her staff were also super helpful and friendly.

I couldn’t resist the Miss Babs booth, either, but it was totally justified! It’s yarn for a Christmas present! hehe. This is her BFL fingering weight yarn, in the Blue Leg Mushroom colorway

I love monochromes. : ) Hope you’re all having a pleasant first week of fall (at least in this hemisphere). Hopefully the weather will finally cool off around here soon and I can break out the woolens!


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4 thoughts on “Works in Progress Wednesday: Augusta cardigan.

  1. Ooh! Hooray for red sweaters! Good luck keeping your pieces kitty-free until you get them assembled. Something tells me that’ll be a bit of a feat. Excellent score at the fiber show, too — I was pretty much drooling by the time I got to the last picture!

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