FO Friday: Baby Cardis

Been busy lately! School has started back up, so my brain is full of libraries and teaching and books and fixing computers and seeing my kiddos again. I rarely brag about myself or post much about work, really, but I have to share this story; one of my 8th grade students was showing his younger siblings around the school (they’re starting 6th grade) and he introduced me by saying, “And this is our awesome librarian, Ms. D.” OH MY GOSH my heart melted. : )

In other news, I’m also slightly obsessed with this ‘lil bean.

Ain’t she a doll? That’s my new niece! She will be three weeks old on Tuesday. I was lucky enough to get to travel home to Kentucky and hang out with her for a few days, and help my sister out with the whirlwind of new baby stuff. I miss her like crazy already. We had our first Skype call last weekend. : )

I’ve discovered that knitting baby sweaters is just as addicting and satisfying as eating potato chips. They use so little yarn! They take so little time! Go ahead, knit another one. Or two! Every baby needs more sweaters, right?

Pattern: Jubilee by Cecily Glowick Macdonald (Rav link)

Yarn: Classic Elite Seedling (100% organic cotton) 2 skeins

Needles: Ummm…US size 4? I forgot!

Notes and Mods: Fun little pattern! I really liked knitting the bottom lace portion. The yarn is really soft and has a nice, smooth hand. I would definitely knit with it again. I washed it in the gentle cycle, and there was no fading or wear.

Pattern: Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car (Rav link) (free pattern, yay!)

Yarn: Mirasol T’ika (100% cotton) 2 skeins

Needles: Man, am I bad at remembering needle size. Probably US size 5.

Mods and Notes: Another fun little pattern, with a lovely lace detail. Love love love that yoke. I also love that my sister decorated the nursery with hedgehogs!

I’m off to enjoy Friday evening, and stash away all our deck furniture before Hurricane Irene comes blustering into town. We live far enough from the coast that we should only have to deal with some rain and high winds. I’m hoping all in the hurricane’s path stay safe! Happy weekend!

(Check out more finished objects at FO Friday!)


9 thoughts on “FO Friday: Baby Cardis

  1. I love them both. I have been making baby bundles and am very upset that I am in the stage of life where everyone has stopped having babies. All my sisters have had their share and all my friends are past it to.

  2. Baby sweaters are SO GREAT to knit up! Like you said, quick, easy and so fun to get to an FO. 🙂 I love both of them but OMG that Autumn Leaves is gorgeous in that orange color!

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