Finished Object Friday: Monster!

Okay, this guy definitely wins the award for my cutest finished object ever.

Pattern: Presley Cash the Monster by the ever-awesome monster designer Rebecca Danger

Yarn: Berocco Comfort DK  (50% superfine acrylic, 50% superfine nylon) and some random white cotton for his teeth

Needles: size 2 US (2.75mm) circulars

Notions: black embroidery thread and needle (for eyes)

Notes and Mods: This was a clever little pattern, and is specifically designed to be baby-friendly, with no pieces to fall off and get nommed on by a hungry infant. The teeth are picked up and knitted on (typically Danger Craft patterns have you add felt teeth) and the eyes are embroidered on, rather than using black safety eyes. He also has one long arm, with hands solemnly clasped, so toddlers can easily lug him around on their tiny adventures.

He’s meant for my sister’s baby, who will be born in early August. Can I tell you a secret though? I kind of want to keep him. I’ve had way more fun that anyone should be allowed to have, posing him in various spots around the house and looping my arm through his and bringing him along as I do chores around the house. We’ve become good pals, you see.

I know he’ll have a happy new home, and truly I can’t wait to take a million photos of the baby human snuggled up with the baby monster. Cute overload, indeed! I might just have to knit one for my very own.

Check out more finished objects at FO Fridays. Happy weekend! : )


12 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday: Monster!

    • Thank you! The pattern was really fun to knit, and well-written. I definitely plan to make it again, either for me or other kiddos I know.

  1. Love. Rebecca Danger’s monsters make me wish I knew how to knit, and this guy is awesome—you did an amazing colour-choosing and knitting job, and I adore the joined-arms-for-easy-toting feature. You should definitely make yourself one. Everyone needs a chore buddy!

  2. Cute little monster, always thought monsters were suppose to be scarey, but this is adorable. Makes me think of that children’s book about monster under your bed. Don’t remember the name of it.

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