Finished Object Friday: Summerflies Shawl

This is me, doing my best sullen model-y face. : )

Pattern: Summerflies Shawl by Holly and Ella Knits (Rav link here; it’s free, yay!)

Yarn: Kitchen Sink Dyeworks,  Seacell Merino fine (70% superwash merino, 30% Seacell [seaweed fiber!], Valencia colorway, one 390 yard skein

Needles: Size 3 US

This lacy shawl pattern is hugely popular, with 1783 projects currently on Ravelry, and for good reason. It’s a fairly easy, but also entertaining, knit; the lace pattern changes frequently enough so that you’re rarely bored while knitting it. Because I used a fingering weight, rather than the worsted called for, I added several repeats of the ridged eyelet and knotted openwork sections.

The ruffly picot edging is my favorite part.

In our school district, this week marks the beginning of that golden, precious time of the year for all K-12 educators: summer break. Ahhhhhh. Huge sigh of relief. This school year was especially challenging, in a string of 4 very challenging years. To avoid being negative or beginning to rant and rave and foam at the mouth, that’s all I’ll say about that. Onward to maxin’ and relaxin’. I expect I’ll have much more time to knit these next few weeks!

Oh! I finished one more little project, for my mama. She suffers from a very serious, but unfortunately very common affliction. I bet someone close to you probably suffers from it, too. Maybe you even share her illness. I refer, of course, to Angry Birds Addiction.

The pattern is no longer showing up on Rav…hmm. I suspect the long arm of copyright law. The red yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease, the other colors are scraps of cotton and acrylic, and I used a size E Clover crochet hook. The bottom part is filled with navy beans, to make him a little more hefty and fling-able, and the rest is stuffed with leftover quilt batting.

I swear, my mom can’t put that game down. Her particular Achilles heel is the pigs with helmets on, also known in our family as the “Helmet Men”. She will shriek out during an especially challenging level, “Helmet man, Dayna!! I can’t get him!”  hehehe.

(See more finished objects at FO Fridays!)


16 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday: Summerflies Shawl

    • Thanks so much. I agree, that game is super addictive! Although I can only play a little bit at a time, or I get too frustrated!

  1. What a shame the angry birds pattern has disappeared. We have addicts in our house that would love it!!!

    Fantastic modelling shots – you have perfected the pose 🙂

    I’d love to try some seacell – our lys had some in but it flew off the shelf quicker than I could there!

    • Yeah, there was a whole set of characters from the game that used to be available. Alas!

      The seacell merino was nice to knit with – it was the first time I’d tried seacell yarn, and I liked it. It definitely adds some shine to the wool!

  2. Ahhh, Angry Birds. As you said, I believe everyone has someone they know who is addicted. LOL You’re adorable and your shawl is beautiful! That color is striking on you!!! Thanks for the heads up on the pattern. I love it and love even more that it’s free! I’ll be adding it to my Rav queue. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! The orange is super bright, but it cheers me up! : ) I would definitely recommend the pattern. It’s a great light and drapey shawl, I think it would be perfect for spring and fall weather.

    • Thank you!! My mom is so funny with that game – she will sit and play for an hour, even if she’s stuck on a level and it’s totally annoying her. It’s like she can’t physically put it down! haha

  3. I love your shawl — beautiful work! I just made Summer Flies in orange yarn too, but it was a DK-almost worsted weight. Yours is all nice and drapey for summer. Enjoy your summer break 🙂

    • I just checked out your orange version – gorgeous! I love it. The pattern is great, isn’t it? It was really generous of the designer to make it a free pattern!

  4. ajsdlkfj That shawl. Oh my gosh. The ruffly edging is my favourite part, too, and it looks gorgeous on you, and I may have opened the Kitchen Sink Dyeworks link you posted the second I saw it because that colour. Yum.

    Also, your Angry Bird is awesome! I made one from that pattern (which yes, sadly is disappeared because of copyright stuff, I follow the pattern-writer’s blog and she just posted about it) a while back. I like the way yours came out in the cotton!

    • Thanks so much! Apologies for enabling you with the the Kitchen Sink Dyeworks link! : ) hehe. Her yarn is very nice, and I really like her designs as well.

      Ah, that’s what I figured with the Angry Birds pattern. Oh well…I’m glad I was able to get the pattern in time!

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