I hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine was very lovely indeed – I got to pick strawberries at a local farm! Every spring, I make a promise to get out there and get picking, but suddenly I find that it’s June and the season is over. Not this year!

Me, posing with a giant Frankenberry.

The farm has been owned by the same family since the 1940’s, but due to deer overpopulation, the grain crops they had been growing for decades were no longer profitable. They decided to turn the fields over to strawberries, and open them up for pick-your-own! The area I live in is full of foodies and people who are very conscious of making local food choices, so lots of family farms are turning to agri-tourism to stay in business. I think it’s a win-win situation – the farmers get to make a livelihood on their family’s land, and I get the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten. Awesome.

We picked about nine pounds when it was all said and done. So far, we’ve had strawberry lemonade, strawberry pie, plain old strawberries, and strawberry smoothies. I’m not tired of them at all, though! Actually, we’re planning to go back next weekend. hehe.


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