Way back in my last post, I made a promise, dear readers, of a new sweater. My first finished sweater of 2011, in fact. (Yikes.) However…the ends are not yet woven in. It’s not photographed. It has no fasteners. It can’t be described, by any stretch of the imagination, as a “finished” sweater. I am hoping that I can scrape together enough time to finish this week. I’ve been finding myself so short of time, both at work and at home, that I feel as if I’m constantly running around, trying to fulfill obligations left and right, and then spouting a constant stream of apologies for not fulfilling them. I’ve decided to try and be nicer to myself. If the sweater doesn’t get finished, if the blog doesn’t get updated, if I am too tired to do laundry and run out of clean socks; well. No one has died. The world continues to spin. It’s fine. It’s okay. My best effort is good enough.

Despite not finishing sweater number one, I’ve already cast on for sweater number two. : )

This is Shalder, a gorgeous cardigan from the gorgeous Shetland Trader Book One by Gundrun Johnston. Lovely locations, lovely photography, and lovely patterns, of course. I’m knitting it in Quince and Co Lark, colorway Bird’s Egg Blue. It’s been a great knit so far.

A couple other random projects of mine: I’ve been teaching my students how to fold paper cranes, as part of the Students Rebuild Paper Cranes for Japan effort. They’re really having fun with it, and we’re learning about Japan and snacking on Pocky and wasabi crackers after we do the origami part of the lesson. Many of my students care deeply and worry about helping people in other countries, but they may not have money to send. This project is nice because the Bezos foundation donates $2 to Japan relief for each crane we send in. I will be a little sad to say goodbye to the cranes…they’re really brightening up the library!

This past Sunday afternoon was spent on the most ambitious, but also most awesome, cake I’ve ever baked. It’s a 3-layer dark chocolate cake with coffee buttercream icing. Oh my. Recipe can be found here. It’s from the Baked Explorations cookbook, which I heartily recommend if you’re a fan of ridiculously delicious baked goods.

Finally…I’m sure you’ve noticed the millions of new spring patterns being published lately. Here’s a mini-round up of some of my favorites:

  • Twist Collective Spring 2011! Oh, Twist Collective. How I love you. How you amaze me each season with your well-styled, non-dated, non-fugly patterns. My favorites this time around are Lizette, Devonshire, and Madrigal.
  • Knitscene Summer 2011 has some CUTE stuff. Sackets Harbor Pullover by Hannah Fettig, Lodi Cardigan by Tanis Gray, Radiant Yoke by Wendy Bernard  are some standouts for me, but seriously the whole issue is pretty brilliant. The price is a huge bargain when you consider how many patterns by quality designers you get.
  • The Estelle Cardigan and the Emma Shrug from Quince and Co are both in my to-knit-someday list!
  • Soay by the aforementioned Gundrun Johnston is a really pretty and versatile little cardigan. Pattern coming soon.
  • In little kid knits, my favorite sweater ever might be the Gramps Cardigan by Kate Oates. I want to have a little boy so I can dress him up in old man clothes.

We’re drowning in a flood of awesome patterns! I wish I had endless knitting time, so I could get to them all. : )


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