I’ve been doing some ripping out! I turned this, the Flutter Sleeved Cardigan by Pam Allen, which despite looking really cute in this photo, fit SO strangely that I never even sewed in the ends:

Into this, the pieces for a Nantucket Red cardigan by Thea Coleman (apologies for the crap lighting! The true yellow color is more like the above photo):

Even now, looking at that first picture, I’m feeling fleeting twinges of regret that I ripped that sweater out, because, oh man, how I loved that pattern. The kimono sleeves! The seed stitch! Adored it, pored over the pattern, dreamed about wearing it. In theory, it was my dream sweater.

In execution, it was saggy in the wrong places and yet somehow simultaneously tight in the wrong places. I don’t even have a photo of myself modeling it, because I couldn’t stand to wear it. It took a good two years of sitting in a drawer for me to truly mourn the sweater, and gather up the gumption to tear it apart. Rip rip rip!

The yarn is Classic Silk by Classic Elite, which is a nubbly blend of cotton and raw silk. It’s very soft and feels worn in; almost sweatshirt-like, if you know what I mean. The silk content also gives that weird silk smell, but I secretly kind of like it. hee.

I’m finishing up the sleeves now, and am hoping to find some time to myself this weekend to block and finish it. Things have been hectic round these parts, to say the least, between work and the thousand tiny annoyances and chores that make up life as an adult. Unfortunately knitting, blogging and taking photos are starting to feel like things to check off on my to-do list. : ( I’m trying to remember that those things should be fun, and be kinder to myself. The dishes can wait until tomorrow.

Fortunately, spring has made its way to North Carolina and it’s hard to stay in a funk with the promise of flowers everywhere. No matter what’s going on in my life, spring still feels hopeful!






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  1. It’s kind of amazing what a few flowers can do for your mood eh?

    The new sweater is going to be LOTS better than the old one.

    • Yep, nothing cheers me up quite like the first flowers of spring! Thanks – I definitely think the new sweater will fit much better than the old one.

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