Yarn, and other pleasant things.

Things have been a little bit in flux around here these days! It’s been mostly for the better. One great piece of news is that my husband is now back to school, for an eight month course of computer and networking certifications. I’m really proud of him, and the change in his outlook is just huge. After being laid off last spring and sending out hundreds of resumes, he’s been (understandably) down in the dumps. Having a goal to work toward had made all the difference, he’s doing something he really likes, and his school has a 98% job placement rate for graduates. And…I’ve been able to have some knitting and “Downton Abbey” watching time to myself in the evenings while he’s in class. So thank goodness for that.

Another lovely (if a bit startling!) piece of news is that my little sister is going to have a baby. Eep! I say “little,” although she is 26 and married, because I still feel protective of her as her big sister. She’s due in August, which makes knitting for the little one a little tricky. Perhaps I’ll knit things in six month size, for next winter. I’ve been bookmarking baby patterns since we got the news, though!

In addition to these bit of happiness, I got some new yarn. : ) As I always do when I get a bit of extra cash, I waffled for weeks about what to buy with Christmas money, and finally decided to click “submit” on a cart full of lovely yarn from Quince and Co. I’ve spend many a happy afternoon clicking around their website and daydreaming about all the gorgeous colors and projects. My package was actually delayed because they were waiting on a shipment of one of the colors. To make up for the delay, they included free color cards, which have little samples of all their colorways. Great customer service! The whole thing came packaged so beautifully, it was seriously like getting a present in the mail.

The color cards are like their own little pieces of art. So pretty!

I chose one sweater’s worth of yarn in Osprey, a 3-ply 100% wool in what I would estimate is a heavy worsted weight. It feels quite solid and seems like it would wear well, but is also soft to the touch. After much deliberation, I picked Chantarelle, a nice, mushroomy brown.

I also got some skeins of Lark, another 100% wool, in worsted weight. Lark is super springy! I’m so excited to knit with it. I chose Bird’s Egg, which might in fact be the prettiest blue ever.

Ahhh new yarn…I feel a bit braggy about showing off my purchases, but I always love vicariously savoring new yarn on the blogs I read, so hopefully you have enjoyed seeing my newest acquisition! To continue the shameless bragging, look what’s popped up in my backyard:

Living in the Southeast certainly has its advantages, like February days where the temperatures hit the high 60’s and you can pad around the house barefoot again. (You are welcome to point and laugh at me in August, when the high temperatures here stay in the 90’s and the humidity hovers at 90%). We’ve thrown open the windows, and everyone in the household is loving the breezes of fresh air. : ) Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Yarn, and other pleasant things.

  1. That’s great about Dan going back to school! I’m really happy to hear it; I know it was hard for you both.

    And ZOMG, you’re gonna be an aunt! That’s awesome. I really have to knit her something, too … let me know if she has any color or fiber preferences.

  2. Congratulations on soon becoming an aunt! What a fun time this will be for you. šŸ™‚ I would also suggest making things in the 9 month size as some babies are larger than the sizing used (most babies I knit for are at least one size larger than they “should be”). And babies always look cute in clothes that are too big, but never in clothes that are too small. šŸ˜‰

    Oh and I just love your new stash acquisitions! I’ve been dying to try Quince and Co. for a while, and you’ve inspired to make me try sooner rather than later.

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