Sweater Pattern Round-Up!

Hi! My oh my, I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been working a lot, dealing with boring grown-up life stuff, etc etc, so on and so forth, leaving little time for knitting. Sadly. I did cast on for a sock last night, in a random fit of start-itis. The pattern is the Hedgerow Sock, and they’re making very easy TV knitting.

A nice bright spot of color in a dreary February!

As always, when I find myself too over scheduled to knit, I still manage to spend time dreaming over new knitting patterns. My weakness, of course, being sweater patterns. Here are some recently published lovelies. (The photos are credited to the designer/photographer, not me! All photos are linked to the pattern’s Ravelry page, where you can buy if so inclined. If you are the copyright holder and would rather me not use them, just holler!)


{ photo - Tunney Wool Company }

Parseval by Melissa Wehrle is a really sweet cabled pullover. I like the collar a lot! Tunney Wool Company has released several adorable patterns in the past month or so, like the Houndstooth Bandana:


{ photo – Tunney Wool Company }

Houndstooth + neckerchief + gray/yellow = trifecta of awesome.

The Bella Rue cardigan by Amanda Rios is definitely on my list for warm weather cardigans. Look at the detail on the back! And the textured popcorn stitch! And teeny pockets! It looks like a really carefully designed piece, with gorgeous details.


{ photo - Amanda Rios }


{ photo - Amanda Rios }

Lorna Suzanne by Ellen Mason is another sweater pattern with two girl’s names. A trend, perhaps? It’s also leaving me with a craving for Lorna Doone cookies. Anyhow, I think it would make a nice work piece, maybe styled in a retro manner with a pencil skirt. Love the collar, and lace panels down the front. Cute!

{ photo - Ellen Mason }

So although my real-life knitting has been less productive lately, my fantasy knitting life is as active as ever. : ) Seen any cute new patterns lately?



2 thoughts on “Sweater Pattern Round-Up!

  1. the detail on the bella rue cardigan is amazing – the gather in the back and the texture! I have also been spending far too much time in fantasy knit land in comparison to reality knit land – hope you manage some knitting unwind time this weekend!

  2. Love Bella Rue… I hadn’t seen it before! Too cute.

    I had seen Lorna Suzanne but not sure about it until I see it on a person. Dress forms are great and all, but I want to see the sweater modeled on a living, breathing form. 😉

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