Finished: Snapdragon Tam.

Firstly, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my Selbu Modern and the earflap hats in my last couple posts. Reading all your lovely words has really made me feel like a million dollars.

Secondly, I must be in a hat sort of mood these days.

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Plucky Knitter Merino, Honey Wilkes colorway, about 75% of one skein used

Needle: Size 5 US circulars

Mods and Notes: No modifications! I knit the smallest size, and I did worry as I knit that it looked too small. After blocking it out on a dinner plate, the pattern opened up a lot and it fits perfectly. I would say that I have a smallish adult size head. : )

(That brooch, by the way, is from Jenny Lynne, an artist local to me – her etsy page is here!)

I’ve been in a bit of a knitting (and general) funk lately. Nothing seemed appealing to work on, and even thinking of which yarn to buy with my Christmas gift money wasn’t cheering me up. Going back to work after the holiday break always brings me way down, and I was stuck in the house in the afternoons and evenings due to yucky weather. The combination of not being able to go outside, and having to spend nine hours a day somewhere I don’t especially want to be, was making me pretty sulky. I made three major mistakes in the cabling of this hat, and had to painstakingly knit back and fix them. Blergh.

Happily, the weather has cleared a bit, I’ve been able to go for some good, long, head-clearing runs, and knitting is once again enticing. Yay!

I’m also completely entranced with a new book – At Home by my favorite author, Bill Bryson. It’s long (500-ish pages) and full of details about the history of home life. Love. It.

Read anything good lately?


12 thoughts on “Finished: Snapdragon Tam.

  1. I just recently started listening to the same audiobook as I knit! Also, I made two snapdragons last winter, I should really make another one, it’s such a cool pattern… Yours looks pretty big for a small size!

    • Isn’t it an interesting book? I keep telling my husband all the cool facts I’m learning from it. : ) The tam did turn out big for the smallest size -I’m glad I didn’t go up to the medium!

  2. The tam is lovely! Sorry about the funk, but it sounds like things are getting better… winter can really do a number on people!

    I haven’t been reading as much the last few weeks but I usually go through a few chapters a night. Latest books I’ve read were Room (really good) and a Game of Thrones (love and can’t wait for the HBO series!).

    • Thanks! I think I’m reaching the end of my rope with dreary, cold weather! : ) Both of those books look really interesting – I love a good epic fantasy, so I may have to try Game of Thrones on my next library trip.

  3. Um, you are so cute. I love the hat and coat and little flower. I’ve only read one Bill Bryson book but enjoyed it. This one seems up my alley since I’m a total home body. I’m reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential because I love him and it helps me maintain my imaginary chef life.

    • Aw thanks! Which Bill Bryson did you read? I feel like you would really like “A Walk in the Woods” if you haven’t read it already. I bet the Bourdain book is really interesting…sometimes I find him to be a huge ass, but his show is always entertaining!

  4. Hi there!
    i just found your blog through Photo Knit Dog- your site is beautiful! The photos are really wonderful and knits are gorgeous!

    I read At Home last month and was totally entranced! Every couple of pages I would have to share another facinating tidbit with my husband. I read The Mother Tongue by the same author, and couldn’t put it down.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I really likedThe Mother Tongue, too, and A Short History of Nearly Everything. I love how Bill Bryson brings science, history, language, arts, and just all kinds of cool facts together in his nonfiction. He’s my favorite. : )

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