Finished: Sweet n’ Sour Apple Hats


Each Christmas, I choose a lucky recipient for my bounty of knitted goodness. This year, my three nieces were the lucky ducks. They live in a very cold and snowy climate, and I knew that hats would be, if not the most exciting, certainly the most useful thing I could make them. I cut it a little close this year with getting them finished. Around Dec 20, my life mostly looked like this. Piles of hats.

I do not recommend knitting the same hat three times in a row. That said, I love these hats to bits.

Pattern: Sweet ‘n Sour Apple Hat by Kate Oates of Tot Toppers (GREAT pattern)

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Violetas (dark purple), Hollyhock (magenta-ish), and Brisas (variegated pink, purple, and white)

Mods and Notes: I added fleece linings to the hats using these excellent and thorough instructions from TechKnitter. The linings made the hats SO warm and soft on the skin, although my stitching is less-than-stellar. Does the job!

My favorite detail, though, might be the pom poms.

The girls’ reaction on Christmas morning was supremely gratifying. They are lovely girls to begin with, but it was like they’d read a book titled “How to Properly Open a Handmade Gift and Make Your Aunt Want to Cry Happy Tears.” The youngest (age 2) immediately put hers on, took it off, busily put it on again, repeat ad nauseum. The middle (age 4.5) screamed, “Cool!” and jumped up and down, cuddling her hat. The oldest (age 7) said, “Yes!! Now I have more than one winter hat!” in a show of admirable pragmatism.

They kept their hats on throughout the rest of Christmas morning and well into the afternoon. Love!

All in all, it was the best kind of gift making and gift giving experience!


11 thoughts on “Finished: Sweet n’ Sour Apple Hats

  1. Those hats are fantastic—I love the colours and cables and the lining and the pom-poms! I’m so glad that your nieces had just read up on how to receive a handmade gift properly, too. 😉 It’s always the best thing in the world to make something that someone loves. (And “Yes! Now I have more than one winter hat!” is kind of the best reaction ever.)

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