Works in Progress: Selbu Modern

First, I want to say thanks and welcome to everybody who commented on my little old blog on the last WIP Wednesday – I can’t stress how much I appreciate each comment! They totally made my day. I loved browsing around and looking at everyone’s projects, too. Really inspiring.

I think I’m going to try and keep up the Wednesday posting, to get on some sort of regular schedule. I’m not feeling especially wordy at the moment, though; spending all day answering middle schoolers’ questions leaves me with few words and even less brain power by the end of the day. I think I’m going to stick to mainly photos for a while. : )

This is the Selbu Modern hat (Rav page here), in the Knit Picks Palette I posted about last week. I’ve loved this hat pattern for a long time, and as autumngeisha pointed out, it’s a really nice fit for the yarn. I’m having fun knitting it so far, although the stranded colorwork is sloooooow going. I know the “right” way to do it is to always hold both yarns and work with them without putting them down and picking them up , but I just end up tangling the yarns together and making loose stitches when I try that method. Eh. Who cares, as long as the hat gets knit?

I’m about to settle down with my hat knitting and watch for the impending “wintry mix” we’re supposed to get here tonight. Crossing my fingers that school is canceled tomorrow and I can sleep in! : ) Happy Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “Works in Progress: Selbu Modern

  1. I cast on for that hat recently too, but I haven’t gotten very far. So it’s inspiring to see yours coming along! It’s very pretty in the colors you chose. I hope you get a snow day too!

  2. It looks great. I love that shade of yellow! I just finished knitting selbu modern and it took me forever (even holding the colours in both hands – I’m slow at colourwork whichever method).

  3. I cast on a Selbu Modern recently too! It. Is. Slow. But I can´t wait for the final result! I´m going with yellow and blue, similar to the prototype, but I really like your combination too!

  4. Happy to hear you will continue with WIPW! We enjoyed having you the past few weeks. It seems like everyone is working on the Selbu Modern! It looks great so far and love the bright yellow you’re using.

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