Holiday Gifts for Procrastinators, Part II.

You may not want to know this, but there are 21 days until Christmas. If this strikes fear into your heart, it may help to know that there are 386 days until Christmas 2011, and 752 days until Christmas 2012. I certainly admit to not finishing gifts by December 25 and saving them until the following year. It doesn’t have to be this Christmas, just a Christmas. At some point. In the far future, perhaps. 2030 sounds about right.

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For those of you who are still riding the delusional train with me and trying to get all your holiday knitting done, I have some more ideas for you! Namely, one idea: hats. Hats have a lot to recommend them for gift knitting: they’re small, generally quick if you choose a simple pattern, and don’t represent a huge investment of time and money. If the recipient hates it, at least you haven’t wasted a sweater’s worth of Malabrigo merino or dozens of hours of work.

There are really endless possibilities for knitting hats, which is another great quality of head coverings. There are thousands of hat patterns, which are easily tweaked and adapted. I can’t even begin to touch on all the lovely and fun hat patterns out there, but here are a few links to get you started:

I found my perfect hat pattern for this year’s gift knitting at that last website – the Sweet ‘n Sour Apple Hat – which I’m knitting for my nieces. My three nieces, that is. One hat for each. Yikes! I’ve gotten one finished, for the littlest niece, and just started hat #2 last night. I found that the cable pattern is pretty easily memorized once you’ve knit one repeat.

I’m knitting it in Malabrigo worsted, in a girly girl colorway called Brisa (or breeze, in Spanish.) I love the ear flaps!

I’m definitely in a holiday knitting mood at the moment, because we’ve had snow today! That’s a rare event to begin with for those of us in the Southern U.S., and the first snow of the year is always so exciting. There have been several winters since we moved to North Carolina where we had nary a single flake! I love when it does snow, though. So pretty and still.

I’m off to brew some chai, work on my hat, and listen to my favorite Christmastime album. : )


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