Dye day!

So like a million weeks ago, sometime back in September, I went to a dye day organized by my local knitting group and I keep meaning to tell you about it. It was SO much fun! I’d never dyed yarn before and wasn’t completely sure what to do, but the knitters who organized it were awesome and explained each step along the way.

We did some indigo dyeing, using the instructions found here. The coolest thing about dyeing with indigo is that when you first pull the fiber out of the dye vat, it’s a greeny teal color. When it meets the air, it begins oxidizing and changes into that lovely indigo color. Magic! This is the laceweight that I dyed with indigo:

The group also did some kettle-dying, which I skipped, and some hand-painting, which I did not skip and totally loved. The basic process we used is pretty much the same as described here. I’m not going to give further instructions, as I am by no means a yarn dyeing expert and I don’t want to lead anyone astray. My method was to choose the basic color I liked, saturate the whole skein in that color, and then mix small batches of that same color, but adding in (teeny!) drops of black dye to make it a darker tone. Then I applied the darker color in pretty random spots, wherever it struck my fancy.

The one thing I would have done differently is to check more thoroughly for white spots where the yarn didn’t get fully dyed. I was aiming for a semi-solid look, and I’m happy with the results for a first try!


I used Knitpicks Bare sock yarn and lace yarn, which you can purchase right over here, and we used Jacquard acid dyes, which Knitpicks also sells.


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