Finished! Dolly Socks.

Pattern: 9 to 5 socks, a free sock pattern from the Almost All Buttoned Up blog

Yarn: Essential Kettle-Dyed, a (discontinued…they renamed it Stroll) fingering-weight merino/nylon blend from Knitpicks.

Needles: size 0 bamboo circulars

Mods and Notes: I cast on fewer stitches than the 72 stitches called for – I started with 64 stitches (I think! gosh, I need to write these things down) so that I would get a sock closer to a ladies US size 7 shoe. It worked out perfectly! In fact, these socks are the first pair I’ve made that actually fit. They fit! Hooray! The stitch pattern is easily memorized and it matches nicely with semi-solid yarn.

Because they fit snugly, I can actually wear them as they’re intended, as dress socks for work. I’m looking forward to slipping them on when it’s frosty outside! I think they’ll be great under wool dress pants.

Although I do think they look so cute with heels and a skirt, I’m not sure I can pull that off at work. I dread questions from 350 middle-schoolers about why exactly I am wearing those socks with that skirt, and where did I get the socks, and oh wow, you made them can you teach me how to make some? Or, actually, can you just make me some? Yeah, make me some too! Wait, why are you wearing them again? and so on and on, ad infinitum. I happily answer questions all day about books and research, but about my socks? I get tired just thinking about it. : )

(Despite the lovely smattering of golden leaves on the deck, it was 94 degrees F (34 degrees C) when I took these photos this afternoon. In an effort to bring the temperature down, I’ve changed my blog header to something a little more autumnal. C’mon, fall! Hurry, please!)


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