Dolly socks.

I’ve gotten slightly more adjusted to going back to work. Waking up at 5:40am can really make you cross and cranky though! And I’m still dealing with the same issues, along with unpleasant amounts of coworker angst, but I’m focusing on the evenings and weekends to get me through. Lots of running to get my aggression out, lots of knitting to relax. It’s kinda sorta working. Most days, I don’t want to punch a wall.

ANYWAY! I cast on for a pair of socks one night this week, on a bit of a whim. I bought two skeins of a discontinued color of Knitpicks Stroll (then called Essential) hand-dyed because it was on sale. Didn’t have a project in mind, so they just sat around my stash for a while.

I destashed one of the skeins to a very nice knitter on Ravelry who needed it to finish a project, and then decided to actually, you know, use the other one. I cast on for the 9 to 5 socks, because they seemed like a basic-but-not-too-boring sock. I’m really happy with the way the semi-solid yarn is creating a textured look with the stitch pattern. Pretty!

I’m calling them Dolly socks, naturally. Because of the movie. : ) Happy Saturday!


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