Went back to work this week. The less said, the better. Yuck. There are a lot of reasons for the yuckiness, but I’ll just say that I’ve never been so disillusioned with the U.S. public school system. Which is saying a lot, as I’ve been nothing but disappointed by it in the last 2.5 years. Here’s an idea; let’s cut funding for education, lay off teachers, refuse to give schools up-to-date technology, especially in low-income areas, and then (here’s the brilliant part) punish them for not scoring high enough on ridiculous standardized tests! As a bonus, let’s also compare them to scores from other school districts, states, and countries. With completely different school systems and populations. Wonderful. Really builds morale.

My school’s computers will be 8 (8!!!) years old this year. There is no money to replace them. I, the librarian, have to troubleshoot them as best I can, with no formal training. We are told that next school year, there will be more layoffs and even less money. To just complete the week, the hot water heater in my library broke over the summer, flooding the carpet and making it smell even more like a wet dog in there than it already does.

Huge sigh.

Gosh, what a downer.I try not to drag real-life awful stuff into my happy blog place too often, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. I’m trying to fill the weekend with nice things to distract myself. I’ve gotten a good bit done on my Acorns:

I had to pick up and knit the neckband and button bands twice. The first time I picked up WAY too many stitches, and the band was all wavy and wonky. The second time, I picked up probably 40% fewer stitches, and it lays nice and flat. The sleeves are knit in the round, inside out. I’m cruising right along on the first sleeve; maybe I’ll have a finished sweater to show off by next weekend!

I haven’t been talking too much about the garden lately. We’ve had such high temperatures that everything seems to be on hold until it cools down a bit. We have had the first few cherry tomatoes ripen, though! Very exciting. The variety is Super Sweet 1,000s, and they’re really tasty in salads.

The other garden thing of note – back in June, we went home to Kentucky, and my granny gave me four cuttings of a flower from her garden that she called rooster combs. I wrapped them in paper towels and plastic bags, hauled them back to North Carolina, and planted them in a pot. She said they wouldn’t do much until August, then they’d bloom a pretty pink-red. She was right!

Really pretty! I’ve done a bit of research, but everything online called “rooster comb” flowers look like these. Wonder what mine are actually called? Hmm.

Okay, off to make the most of my Saturday. : )


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  1. Ooh, pretty flowers and your Acorns is looking beautiful too!

    I’m sorry about the crappy work stuff… my sister has just gotten a Master’s in Education and was lucky to find work in a charter school here in NYC, but she was looking until literally two days ago! I really wish that the government would give more money for education. It’s so important!

    • Thanks!

      Yep, I definitely agree that funding education is SO important. It kills me to hear about teacher layoffs. I’ve heard from people around the country who are having so much trouble finding jobs in education. I’m so glad your sister was able to find a job!! Best of luck to her in her new school!

  2. I hear you regarding the funding of public schools. I am a teacher at one with budget cuts as well. We now have no librarian at all, books from the 90’s and so forth. 😦 It’s sad, that’s all there is to it.

    Your acorn sweater is growing! Excited to see further progress! 🙂

    Best, Linn

    • Oh wow. Old books and no librarian(!!!) : ( That really breaks my heart. I hate hearing about the crappy conditions that teachers and students have to deal with, and we’re still expected to make miracles somehow. It’s so, so unfair.

      Anyway! Enough of that! Thanks for the commiseration – hope your school year gets off to a good start. : )

  3. I think they’re Celosia of the plumed variety. If they are, as they get bigger bits of them will look more like the cockscomb you linked to, but they won’t turn into a big brain like that or anything.

    Also, I love the color on your sweater. Goes perfect with acorns.

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