{ Progress on Acorns cardigan }

I go back to work next week, and school starts the following week. Wahhhh. I’ve also been getting voicemails and texts from coworkers who want me to come in to work a week early just to help them out with their work. For free. Out of the kindness of my heart.

Uh…no. Each time my phone rings and I see it’s from work, my blood pressure ends up skyrocketing as I push the little “ignore” button with great anger. It’s still summer for six more days! Leave me be! To calm myself down from this annoyance, I’ve been spending a lot of time sipping coffee and catching up on knit blogs. Here are some of the gems I’ve found!

  • Candelia by Cecily Glowik Mcdonald is an adorable short-sleeved cardigan that’s knit top down, with a really sweet slightly-ruffled peplum in the back. I think it would make a great late-summer/early-fall cardi.(It also has pockets!) Amazingly, this is the designer’s 200th pattern design! That’s an awesome body of work. (Look at them on Ravelry here)
  • The Ashworth scarf by Cosmicpluto knits is another piece that would be perfect for the transition to chilly weather. It’s a lightweight scarf that has big, winding cables that create a drapey, flowing fabric. The sample is knit in cashmere (oooo yum) but I think it would also be nice in something like Malabrigo lace.
  • Yarn Eye Candy from knitbot – Hannah Fettig shared some Malabrigo Twist (which is their newish bulky baby merino yarn) in a perfect golden yellow. I think I could become obsessed with that color.
  • Look at these delicate crocheted flowers at One Pink Plum! I am totally in awe of her skill. Crochet is still like a mystic art to me; I can do the basics up to double stitch just fine, but the rest is just beyond me. The flowers will be really lovely as a necklace.

This last bit of fiber coolness I found not via a blog but from playing around with the new Ravelry search engine . Did you know you can browse patterns and compile a list of patterns to remember and compare? Well, it’s true! : )

So, what you do is use the pattern search to browse some patterns. I’m looking for some men’s sock patterns, so I narrowed my results by Accessories -> Feet -> Socks, and Gender -> “men’s” OR “unisex”. That gave me over 1,000 results, which is a lot to sort through and remember. However, awesomely enough, you can use the pulldown menu next to each pattern result to “star” it, for remembering and comparing. Like so:

Then, later, go back and click on your little box with the yellow star and a number next to it:

(Hee…Homer Simpson Firefox skin)

Then it brings you a handy list of all the patterns you wanted to remember from that search session!

You can stop “remembering” a pattern if you decide you don’t really want it after all.

The starred items will remain in your list until you stop remembering them. Awesome, huh? I LOVE this feature. In my job, I spend a lot of time teaching kids and adults how to effectively sort through the masses of information they encounter, and helping them deal with the glazed-eyed, slack-jawed effect of information overload. This pattern search feature is hugely helpful for narrowing and organizing the masses of patterns on Rav. Also, time saving! It helps you get right to the stuff you want and shove aside the stuff you don’t want.

Ahh. It’s so satisfying when library/information science meets knitting.


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  1. Hi Dayna, So very sweet of you to mention my little crochet flowers. Your acorns cardigan seems to be coming along so quickly, I love that colour, such an earthy autumn choice! The new search function on ravelry is really helpful – I am glad I am not the only one who is interested in seeing good information organisation! Enjoy your last week of holidays! Anna

    • Hi Anna,
      Your crochet work is really inspirational – one of these days, I might try something beyond the single and double stitch. : ) Acorns does seem to be coming along really quickly because I love the yarn so much, I can’t put it down! Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh my, I love your Acorns. It’s deliciously autumnal! I just bought this pattern today and am raring to start on it. I too love the new Ravelry search feature. Aren’t the internets wonderful? Have fun on your last days of freedom.

    • Thanks!! The pattern is a little complicated, in my opinion, but worth the effort. The yoke took a lot of focus, but I’m now into the reverse stockinette body, and it’s back to mindless TV knitting. I’m interested to see what yarn and color you choose! Have fun casting it on! : )

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