Is it fall yet? No? Sigh.

It might sound odd for a school librarian to wish for the end of summer. I am definitely not 100% eager to go back to work. The long, lazy hours of summer are precious and I will so miss them when they’re over. But. It’s hot. Really, really hot. I’m reaching the end of my rope with the oppressive heat and humidity of a Southeastern summer. It saps your will to live, or at least go outdoors. I kinda can’t wait to sip some warm spiced cider and carve some pumpkins and snuggle into my knitted wooly accessories. I even had a dream last night that the leaves outside had changed to golden yellow!

Speaking of golden yellow…

How gorgeous is that?! It’s the sweater’s worth of hand-dyed worsted-weight merino that I won from The Plucky Knitter back in the spring. The colorway is called Honey Wilkes and if you’d like some, you have to be pretty quick on the draw because her stuff sells out like whoa. For good reason – it’s lovely, lovely yarn. Quite soft. Great color saturation. Very squishable.

To tide me over the two full months until it actually gets cooler here, I decided to use it to cast on for a fall sweater. After knitting my Manu in cotton with metal needles, it feels so warm and comforting to knit with wool and bamboo needles again. Ahhh.

I chose Acorns by Carol Sunday from the new Twist Collective. I want to knit every single thing in that issue, but Acorns, a top-down cardigan with a cute lace yoke, really jumped out at me. It just said, knit me now. So I did.

(That toothpaste mint green is for the provisional cast on! Don’t worry, it will go away when I knit the finishing details)

It’s a challenging pattern; you have to keep flipping back and forth between the written pattern, the chart, and the glossary. I like it though! Keeps me on my toes. None of that mindless stockinette for me. There is one bit of errata here but I think it’s fixed if you download the pattern from here on out. I also spotted a weirdness in the schematic; it seems (to me) to indicate that the neckline is 9 inches around, which of course is too small! I may be reading it incorrectly, though. For the record, my provisional cast-on edge at the neckline is about 24.5 inches.

The other fall-type thing I’ve been doing is baking cinnamon-scented treats. Mmmm. I had never had a homemade Snickerdoodle before, so I decided to set that right.

Here’s the recipe I used. If you, like me, don’t know anything about cream of tartar except the fact that you don’t have any in your kitchen, do what I did and substitute both the cream of tartar and baking soda with 5 teaspoons of baking powder. They came out just fine! Snickerdoodles have now been added to my regular cookie rotation.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Firstly, Plucky Knitter yarn is made out of yum! Second, I *love* Acorns and hope to cast one on myself. Third, great yarn choice for Acorns and so cheery! Fourthly, and lastly, those Snickerdoodles look all kinds of yummy! 😉

    • Thanks for all four of your comments! : ) I really, really love the Plucky Knitter yarn. I’m going to have to stalk her website and see if I can get some more!

  2. I would love to have some worsted in Honey Wilkes the plucky is so squishy and awesome I feel the same way about the heat and cannot wait for Fall:)Hugs Darcy

    • Yep, I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling off a little. The Plucky Knitter yarn is lovely stuff – you’re right, very squishy!

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