Sweater #5: Manu!

Can I just say, I love this sweater?

Pattern: Manu by Kate Davies (rav link right over here)

Yarn: Worsted weight Yanabey cotton from Argentina, sent by an awesome friend. I used 3 pretty hefty skeins, maybe around 1000 yards?

Needles: US size 3 and US size 4. I used the 4’s for knit rows and 3’s for purl rows, so my tension would come out evenly. I’m kind of a tension weirdo like that.

(Note! You need several spare looooong circular needles for this pattern, because you have to put aside lot of stitches while you work on other parts of the cardigan. At one point, I think I was using 4 extra circs to hold all those stitches!)

Mods: I knit 3/4 length sleeves, instead of full length. I also mirrored the pleats at the neckline – to do this, I stopped halfway through the pleats, and then folded the yarn in the other direction. A little complicated to explain and unfortunately I didn’t take photos! Basically, fiddle around with your DPNs until you get the pleat you want. Ahh, symmetry.

The buttons are also from the same awesome friend, who made them with some extra fabric:

I just  adore this sweater. It has such cool little details, like the applied i-cord that runs around the entire sweater, the pleats, the pockets (oh my god, the pockets! Love them), and the gathered sleeves. It’s still a very versatile and wearable sweater; I can imagine wearing it both to work and when I’m out and about. Thanks x 1,000 to Jessi for the materials! : )


10 thoughts on “Sweater #5: Manu!

  1. that is beautiful!! I’m looking forward to casting this on myself. I can’t believe you finished it so quickly using such small needles!

  2. Great cardigan, love the colour and it looks like a piece you will wear lots for many years to come. I love the pockets and the pleats on the back – both such wonderful details!

    • Thanks – I am SO happy with it. The yarn really matched the pattern perfectly, and when it came time to pick out buttons, I was like, hey! I already have some that will match! haha

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