Hello there! I had to take a brief break from the ol’ blog because we had a very last-minute vacation!

Thanks to some REALLY generous family friends, we were able to stay in Redington Beach, Florida (near Tampa) for a week. They have a house down there that they rent for vacationers, and the people who rented it last week never actually paid!! Since we are in the position right now of being able to drop everything and drive 800 miles, they very kindly offered to let us stay there. We found out on Friday morning, and left Saturday morning – being something of a control freak/hyper-organizer, I had a minor panic attack at the thought of the last-minute laundry, packing, getting directions, finding a cat sitter, buying food, etc. etc. etc. But my husband very reasonably pointed out that, due to his being laid off, we didn’t count on being able to take a vacation this year. And, lo, a vacation drops into our laps. Maybe we ought to just thank our lucky stars and enjoy the ride.

Which I did.

Especially since the ride included such roadside “attractions” as South of the Border, on the North Carolina/South Carolina border on Interstate 95. It’s a huge complex of tackyness – souvenir shops, restaurants, fireworks, arcade games, and who-knows-what-else. I was amused/horrified by their billboards, which advertise the place for at least 150 miles in each direction. Wikipedia has a nice selection of the billboards to peruse at your leisure.

This was my favorite. Hee hee.

And a view of the whole thing, in all its tacky glory:

Once we got to Florida, we spent most of our time on the beach, reading, and just hanging out with no agenda. Florida is…hmm…how can I say it tactfully? Not my favorite state. There are definitely cool things to see, and almost everyone we met was very nice. Unfortunately, the state has kind of run rampant with over-development to support the tourist industry. As a result, the area we were staying in was mainly tourist traps, mediocre overpriced restaurants, and souvenir shops.  Lovely beaches, lovely people, not-so-lovely everything else. So we stuck mostly to the beach.

And why would you even want to leave the beach at all?

Ahh. I’m ready to go back!

On the knitting side of things, I’m almost finished with a couple projects! I’ll be posting pics of those very soon.


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  1. Beautiful shots of the beach! I love the beach too, not such a fan of Florida either. But for real beaches you have to go to Brazil – says the Brazilian. 😉

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