I have this really bad habit of never taking photos of new yarn. I’ll have it for, like, months and never add to to Ravelry. Sheer laziness. Yesterday I was sitting outside, reading The Knitters Book of Yarn by Clara Parke, when I got to the section about yarn from camelids, a category of animals that includes alpaca, llama, and, of course, camels. I thought, “Oh hey! I have some llama yarn. I shall go cuddle it.” I was then inspired to pull out most of the yarn I’ve acquired since the fall. Some of it is from a friend who gives awesome yarn gifts, and a couple skeins are from a past Knitpicks order. Hooray! Yarn!

Dream in Color Knitosophy, Laugh colorway. Fingering weight, 100% merino wool.

Knitpicks Essential Kettle-Dyed (now called Stroll Kettle-Dyed). Spruce colorway. Fingering weight. 75% wool, 25% nylon.

Adagio by Skacel. Aqua colorway. 70% baby llama, 30% silk (This stuff is SO heavenly!)


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