Sugar peas and sweaters.

I was right! I knew it! That was, in fact, a sugar pea blossom.

There are just three blossoms on there right now, so I’m trying to restrain my dreams of a bountiful pea harvest. But you know what? Those three pea pods are going to taste damn good!

After the disappointment of my ill-fitting Buttercup top, I needed a short break from sweater knitting. I’ve been working on some lace and some gift knitting. This weekend, though, I felt ready to get back in the 12-sweaters-in-2010 saddle. I have a sweaters’ worth of this lovely cotton yarn from a friend, and puzzled long and hard over what to do with it:

It’s a dusky pink cotton, and has a really soft and drapey hand. At first, I considered a tank, since it’s summer. I was sold on this lovely Alice Top, but decided that I have too much yarn for it, and I would end up with an odd amount of leftover cotton. (I still want to make this in future, though! It’s just such a sweet top. Can’t resist ruffly sleeve caps!). Next, I considered a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve lace cardigan, like Que Sera or Ceisara or perhaps the Kowloon Cardigan? No….still not right. If I’m going to knit a fancy lace cardigan, I want it to be in a neutral color, like cream or gray, that I can wear with anything.The dusky pink is very pretty, but will be a little finicky to match.

I can’t entirely explain why, but I just knew this yarn did not want to be any of these patterns.

Then! I was scrolling on down my list of favorite patterns, and came across Manu by Kate Davies. “Oh hey! ” I said to myself. “I pretty much adore that pattern.” Although the sample is knit in wool, I could see it in a drapey cotton since it’s not an extremely fitted design.

I think this yarn will be happy in its new incarnation as a Manu.

I actually came home sick from work today, and while lying on the couch this morning in a cold medicine haze, I spotted this guy outside on our deck. Luckily I had my telephoto lens right at hand. Isn’t he the sweetest little bird? I love the dapples on his feathers. Reminds me of a fawn.


4 thoughts on “Sugar peas and sweaters.

  1. I love the yarn, what a beautiful colour. I think the Manu will be excellent. I have bookmarked the cardigan so can’t wait to see it finished. I hope you are feeling better soon.

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