We took a short camping trip last weekend, and meant to share it here all week but time got away from me somehow. Time tends to do that, huh? Work has been exerting some extreme pressure lately; my school district, like districts all over, is cutting a lot of jobs and things in my school are…tense. My job seems to be okay for now, but many of our best teachers got their non-renewal letters yesterday and it’s all so disheartening. I also worry that next year, in the face of losing all our arts and music classes, I’ll be turned into a “special” so that teachers get planning time, and I’ll be teaching “library classes” all day long. Blah.

As my mom says, don’t borrow trouble, and so I’m trying not to worry about eventualities that may not even happen. Trying to remember that I only have to deal with one day per 24 hour period, and concentrate on the good stuff. Like being outside at a pretty lake!

We stayed at Badin Lake in central North Carolina. We were able to do some hiking, and I collected photos of wildflowers along the way. I didn’t identify them because I’m just not that knowledgeable, but it was like a little treasure hunt to see how many I could find.

I got a decent amount of knitting done. I’m very, very close to being done with Sweater Number Four. Here’s a little peek at it!

Now I’m off to enjoy a Saturday of doing absolutely nothing! Hope you enjoy yours.


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