Although Knit and Crochet Blog Week was a lot of fun (and a big hello to new followers! Welcome welcome, come on in and stay a while) I’m glad to be returning to regularly scheduled programming. I haven’t really been posting much about my current projects and my garden. So. Let’s catch up!

The garden is doing well! Here’s the latest view of the raised bed:

(Garden talk ahead…skip if you find boring! heh) The lettuce is doing great, and in fact needs to be eaten right away.The spinach is also going to be harvested this week, although it hasn’t done all that well. Pretty straggly. I planted it too late, and it got too hot for the little guys. I’ve read about people in hotter climates like mine planting their spinach seeds in very late fall and overwintering them; that way, they sprout as soon as the ground thaws, and you get as much cool growing time as possible. The sugar peas…ugh. I’ve been battling aphids for the past couple weeks, and even though I caught them early, the plants took a bad hit. They’re pretty chewed up and yellowed and I’m not optimistic about them. I might rip them up and plant green beans in that spot.

There are two new additions to the bed: a gypsy pepper plant and a Carmen pepper plant. They’re both sweet peppers. I’d like to get one or two hot pepper plants in as well. Any recommendations on hot pepper varieties?

I also made the mistake of going to the local nursery to get potting soil and “just looking” at the flowers. I swear I can’t go in that place without bringing home some poor flower that was just calling to me.

I’m still plowing ahead with my Buttercup sweater. I’m smack in the middle of the endless rounds of plain stockinette. I like how it’s looking though. It seems too big right now, but my swatch shrunk a LOT, so I’m counting on the sweater shrinking a LOT, too.

Holy smokes, I cannot photograph orange. It just looks…wrong. Unnatural, even. Oh, orange!

It was so nice to catch up! Hope things are pleasant with all of you. : )


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