Today is day three of Knit and Crochet Blog Week, and today’s topic is:

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

Oh my goodness. This is the hardest topic yet! It’s so difficult to narrow it down to just one knitter. Hmm. Every single evening, I’m so inspired when I sit down to check in with Ravelry and my knitting blogs at how much you guys are all up to. You’re all churning out so many beautiful projects! How can I choose just one??

So I’m going to cheat and mention several. : )

  • Connie Chang Chinchio is probably my favorite designer of recent years (although Ysolda Teague is a close second, but I think a lot of people chose her today so I’ll spread the love around). I love her eye for detail, and I think she chooses the prettiest, most modern (yet classic!) shapes for garments. Here are all her patterns on Ravelry and here is her blog. I want to knit them all.
  • Clara Parkes is my favorite author who writes about knitting. I was completely fascinated by her books, The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and The Knitter’s Book of Wool. I thought I knew a lot about yarn, but I’m telling you; this lady knows yarn like whoa. Here is Knitters Review, a very very handy website that she founded, and here is her Amazon page to see her books.
  • One of my favorite knit bloggers is Kirstin Kapur of Through the Loops. Her knitting, her designs and her lovely photography are so inspiring. I know when I see a little (1) by her blog name in Google Reader that I’m in for a treat.

Eep! I know I’m going to regret leaving someone out, and it’ll suddenly come to me at 3am.

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  1. Thanks for putting me onto Clara Parkes, the books and website look very interesting and I have been meaning to learn more. Definitely ordering one or both of these today:)

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