Hi there! I hope you’re having a Saturday filled with good times and no boring obligations. : )

A few things:

1) I’m participating in the Knit and Crochet Blog week, which is a fun blogging thing (thing? my creative writing skills have deserted me today) organized by the Blog Hub group on Ravelry. Each day, starting on Monday, participating bloggers will use that day’s prompt or idea to get them going. You don’t have to be a member of the Blog Hub group to participate! Just visit Eskimimi Knits’ blog post for more info. And, by the by, isn’t her blog adorable?

2) The Summer Interweave Knits 2010 preview is up. The only thing I would seriously consider knitting is the Ambrosia Cardigan. The garment shapes and textures just didn’t appeal to me this time, but fortunately there are about 1,782 other patterns out there I’d love to knit. What do you think of the preview?

3) Here’s a little peek at sweater number four, Buttercup in a cotton linen blend. (Incidentally, I found another pattern titled Buttercup by Melissa Werhle that is possibly the cutest, most twee little cardigan I’ve ever seen).

Gosh, orange is hard to photograph…it doesn’t look that, um, intense (garish? clownish?) in real life.

I was supposed to go on a farm tour with a friend today, but as the sky is turning ominous and gray and there’s a little severe weather alert popping up on my desktop, I think we will have to cancel. No worries, I love a good spring storm!


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