Finished! Whisper Cardigan

Pattern: Whisper by Hannah Fetig (rav link)

Yarn: Shadow laceweight merino from Knitpicks, colorway Vineyard, 2 skeins

Needle: size 4 Addi lace circulars

Mods and Notes: I didn’t make any mods at all. The pattern is kinda one of those patterns you just have to trust, follow the directions to the letter, and it all comes out right. The designer has some helpful info and a schematic in this blog post.

I really liked this yarn for this pattern. It feels a little heartier than Malabrigo lace. I’ve worn it quite a lot this week, and it hasn’t pilled at all. I LOVE the lightness of it; the laceweight makes it perfect for a spring cardigan when the air is chilly but you don’t need a full-on sweater. Knitting laceweight sweaters just might be my new addiction!


5 thoughts on “Finished! Whisper Cardigan

    • Thanks! I think a sock yarn would work – it will have a little bit less of an “open” and airy feel but would still be pretty lightweight. Lots of people on Ravelry have knit it with sock yarn. Check out the pattern page, click the projects tab and then search for “sock” to see a bunch of examples. Malabrigo Sock seems to be a really popular choice. Have fun if you decide to knit it! : )

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