Lucky duck!

It’s not unexpected that when your spouse gets laid off, your budget for fun things gets cut drastically. I’ve been pretty good about that so far; avoiding malls and shops altogether, deleting yarn sale emails, and curbing my coffeeshop habit. I even threw the April Anthropologie catalog straight into the recycle bin without opening it, which I swear caused me actual physical pain. We’ve been taking pleasure in more or less free stuff, like being outside, visiting parks, and messing about in the garden.

I have to admit that lately, though, I’d been feeling a little sorry for myself. A little self-pitying. A little Debbie Downer. How come I have to get up at 5:45am every day and go to a job where I work really, really hard, and then I don’t get even get to enjoy the fruits of my labor? NO FAIR. No fair at all.

Well! I finally got a chance to sit down and catch up on my Google Reader the other night, and I got an awesome surprise. The Plucky Knitter, a dyer whose work I just adore but haven’t had a chance to try yet, held a contest a while back, asking for comments on what warm-weather patterns you were dreaming of making. I responded with the details of my next sweater (more on that soon!) and guess what?? I won!

The generous prize is a sweater’s worth of worsted-weight yarn in  my choice of one of these amazing colorways. Did you click that link? No? Go back and do it! You won’t be sorry! Although your wallet might. : )

After a TON of deliberation, I decided on Honey Wilkes, the deep goldeny yellow. But really, they’re all beautiful. Thanks so much to Sarah of the Plucky Knitter for this great prize!

What a wonderful pick-me-up, huh? And also a little clue that maybe the universe isn’t totally against me. Between this and the generous yarn gift from my friend, I’m well on the way to  completing my 12 in 2010 challenge. Fortuna’s wheel swings upward, my friends (any Confederacy of Dunces fans out there?)


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