This and That.

I’ve been away for the past week, visiting my hometown. I was on the run the whole time – my sister is getting married in June, and I organized her bridal shower and helped with other random weddingy things. Not much time for knitting (or picture-taking) unfortunately! My knitting time has been overtaken by my garden obsession lately anyway. I was really excited to get back and find my little garden doing so well.

This was my raised bed when I left:

And here it is when I got back 8 days later:

Goodbye, daffodils! Hello, azalea! The peas have shown the most growth. I actually had to make an emergency run to the hardware store for bamboo stakes and twine last night, and construct a trellis for them. Peas send out little grabby tendrils, and if you don’t give them something to hang onto, they twist around their neighbors and it makes a tangled mess.

Everything seems to be happy and growing though!

My mint from last year has come back, and is already pretty tall.

I also was surprised to find these lovely purple flowers growing all over the back lawn. They have a dark foliage that grows close to the ground, and have just made little blooms in the past couple years. This spring they’re going nuts! They’re these tall, bright purple things that just jumped up out of the ground in a week. Anyone know what they are?

I do have some fun yarn news…my awesome friend sent me some great yarn from Argentina to help me out on my 12 sweaters in 2010 quest. It’s a dusky rose cotton, and I’m excited to pick out the perfect pattern for it. Now I feel pressure to get knitting on these sweaters! haha.

She also sent me a note on this amazing knit-themed stationary:

Love it!  Maybe she’ll tell me where she found it. : )

Alright, better sign off and get ready for work tomorrow. I’m teaching teenagers how to cite their sources. Could anything be more exciting?!

p.s. I should have a finished sweater very, very soon…


2 thoughts on “This and That.

  1. Love your pictures,,this year is the first time I have had any type of garden,,I lived in Arizona for 14 years and it is just to hot to I have a herb garden in pots and they are doing good,,glad to hear the wedding planning went well..if you read..I am reading Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series about 4 best friends who own Vows..a wedding planning company and I just finished the second book and they are really good,,the third is due out next month..well I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend…take care

    • Thanks! It can get really hot early here in NC, too…the high yesterday was 86 which is hot for spring! That does give us a long growing season, but you have to watch and water often to make sure your poor plants don’t get fried! : ) Hope you have a great weekend too.

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