Springy things.

Oh, I have to tell you about my Saturday morning. It was such a lovely one. My husband has been visiting his sister’s family in Syracuse and watching our alma mater’s basketball team get beaten in the Elite 8 (sob) and so I’ve had five days all to myself. Most of that time was spent working or doing the one thousand things adults have to do, but, oh, Saturday morning. You were all mine.

I woke up early-ish and headed over to the farmer’s market to pick up a tasty snack (more later) then to one of my favorite spots, a local garden that I try and visit at least once every two weeks between March and November, to see how things are changing. And, holy cow, is it gorgeous right now!

Japanese quince.

The nice thing about wandering around a garden on your own is that, well, you can wander. Without having to take anyone else’s wishes into account, you can freely tromp around and look at whatever catches your eye.

A lot of my time was spent looking at the weeping cherry trees and saucer magnolias, which were in gorgeous bloom. One of my favorite things is pink blossoms on blue sky.

I could look at that forever!

I’ll spare you any more. : ) But, oh gosh, isn’t it all just beautiful?

So after I had my fill of blossom-peeping ( I just now invented that word and it means springtime nature viewing, take note OED), I got a cup of coffee from the garden snack hut and prepared for a treat. Early that morning, I stopped by the farmer’s market for a little something called a dark chocolate donut muffin, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. They’re made by a local bakery, and you best get yourself a spot in line before 10am if you want one of these suckers.

Unfilled time that we can fill however we want, with no regard to deadlines, responsibilities, or what we “should” be doing,  is so uncommon that I savor it whenever possible. It’s now Monday and my workaday life is already driving me mad, but when things revert to chaos, as they most certainly will, I’ve been taking myself back to Saturday morning in my mind. Ahhhh.

And so this post isn’t entirely devoid of knitting content, here are some links to neat spring things going on:

  • Knitpicks came out with their new spring yarns and colorways! Those Tonals are mighty tempting…
  • Kelbourne Woolens is publishing some AWESOME new hat patterns. It seems that they’re only available through retailers, though. I want them all!
  • WEBS is having their anniversary sale, starting April 1. I always am able to stock up on basics like Cascade 220 and Ultra Alpaca during this sale. The specific yarns aren’t up yet, but they sent out a paper flyer in the mail with the details, or you can just wait until April 1 and everything’s posted online. Yay, yarn sale!
  • The spring 2010 Twist Collective will be up at the end of the week! Here is a preview of the cover. Cute cute!
  • I have a finished sweater that I cannot wait to show off here!! My Official Photographer is on his way back from New York, so I should be able to post soon.

Hope you are enjoying everything about spring!


4 thoughts on “Springy things.

  1. Hi littlesparrowknits: I took a peek at your blog after reading your comment on mine. First, thank you so much for leaving a comment, it totally makes my day. And your photography is just beautiful! I enjoyed reading your blog too. Good luck with the garden.

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