Finished! Juliet sweater.

Thanks so much for the supportive comments on my last post. My husband and I are both feeling quite positive and optimistic, all things considered. We’re lucky to have awesome family and friends to cheer us up and give thoughtful advice. It also helps that we’re turning the corner to my favorite season: spring! Adorable, sweet, hope-filled spring.

Plus, to be frank, it’s pretty swell to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning. We usually split chores 50-50 and since my husband worked night shifts, part of my half was cooking dinner each night. He’s insisted that he take over the household management so as to not lose his mind during all the unfilled hours of the day. After a brief struggle with my internal control freak, I reluctantly handed over the kitchen-ly duties.

Coming home after 9 hours at school to find dinner already cooking is nothing short of a miracle. I highly recommend it.

Knitting has been quite soothing since The Bad News on Tuesday. I’ve passed the halfway mark on my Cold Mountain lace stole, and I finished Juliet!

By “finished”, I mean took 10 minutes to sew buttons onto a sweater that’s been knitted and ready to go since January.

Pattern: Juliet by Zephyr Girls. Loved the pattern – simple directions, very cute product.

Yarn: Berkshire Bulky by Valley Yarns in Stone Blue

Notes and Mods: The back has a bit too much fabric. I might have taken out a full lace repeat in the width, so that it was a touch more fitted and not quite as swingy. For reference, I knit the smallest size and have a 34-in bust measurement but directly under my bust, I measure 27-in. It fits great on top but, yeah, I’d take in the bottom were I to knit it again.

I’m quite happy with it though! It makes a great late-winter/early-spring garment. I wore it over layers as a vest, then peeled it off when the sun got warm.

One final note: I’m not intending to taunt readers in more northern climes (sorry! believe me, I am jealous of you in July) but hey! We almost have daffodil lift off! Their little yellow faces never fail to make me smile.


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