Vivian, and spring-ish patterns.

I’m still slogging away on my Vivian sweater. This thing is going to be the death of me, I swear. I’ve caught back up with where I was before I had to do all that ripping out. But…then I had to do some more ripping out. As I started doing the decreases for the yoke, something went all crazy, and I realized that I had different stitch counts for each side of each sleeve.”Something went all crazy” translates to “I didn’t understand the pattern here so I did my own thing”. Hee.

Some of the decreases worked out to be snuggled right next to the cable, came out looking neat and tidy, and they faded nicely into the seed stitch around it.

Some of the decreases, though, ended up being 2 or 3 stitches away from the cable, and looked ugly and random and just plain not right.

Cute arrows, huh? I know in these photos it doesn’t look like a huge difference, and honestly in person it wasn’t a glaring mistake. I knew that I would know it was wrong, though. Every time I wore this sweater, I would see the fugly decreases and hate them.

So I ripped back. Again. I re-knit it. Again.I disregarded the stitch count given in the pattern and just started doing the decreases one stitch before or after that cable. So far, so good.

To take my mind off this interminable sweater knitting, I’ve been looking at the pre-spring round of patterns that usually come out in February. It’s not quite time for warm weather knitting, but people’s minds are turning that-a-way. My favorites so far are from the Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010 issue. So cute! Especially the Geodesic Cardigan by (who else?) Connie Chang Chinchio.

{ image from }

There are some very nice triangular shawl patterns, as well. My favorite of the three they offer in this issue is the Conifer Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

{ image from }

And this sweet cardigan from Kate Himmelberg! I’m not sure I will ever knit it, but I think it’s too, too cute. And sock-monkey-ish.

{ image from }

There are also some truly bizarre  late 80’s looking knits and styling straight from the what-the-hell files, but I’ll leave you to explore that on your own. Click here for the rest of the pattern previews. Overall, I really like this issue! Not many articles that caught my attention, but the patterns are worth the price for me.

My feed reader has been throwing up some very nice patterns published by indie designers, too.

  • Andrea’s Shawl by Kristin Kapur is just lovely – a really nice combo of old-fashioned pretty with modern stripes. I would love this in gray and yellow!
  • The Carter Cardigan from Cosmicpluto is pretty darn awesome. I like that it’s a basic button-up cardigan with a little something different in the cables, which look to me like a ribbon flowing down the sweater, and the garter detail on the back. Plus, pockets!!
  • Snowbird by PipiBird makes me want to go live in Sweden and be blond and tall and snuggled up in this cardigan. I love long sleeves that reach over my hands when I’m in a cozy mood, and the tweedy yarn she used is pitch perfect for this design. The website is in Swedish, but go look at the picture! You can buy the pattern in English from Rav.

All of these lovely patterns! If only I could switch careers and become a full-time knitter. Surely someone out there will pay me to read and knit all day??? : )


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