Snow! And a sweater setback.

Snow is a pretty rare event in this part of the Southeast US, so when we get any significant amount it’s a Big Deal. We got around 6 inches where I live overnight on Friday. WHOA NELLY. School’s been out for the past 2 days, people stocked up like a zombie invasion was imminent, and the news stations are reporting every gory (and boring) detail. To be honest, I kind of like the whole winter weather crisis excitement, when it’s not really a crisis and no one’s really in danger. I’ve been through ice storms, and they suck. Snow, now? Snow is fun!

We were snowed in the house Friday night through Sunday. As someone who gets all my running around done on the weekends (not to mention someone who has control freakish tendencies and who suffers from constant frustration at the way the universe stubbornly refuses to bend to my will) staying inside all weekend was…a challenge.

Deciding to look on the bright side, I tried to think of it as a long stretch of knitting time! Great idea. I pulled out my Vivian sweater, which I’ve been working on a lot. Spread it out nicely to take a work-in-progress photo, and discovered this. I can barely even look at this photo without grinding my teeth:

Hmm, what’s wrong with this picture? Since I don’t have one normal arm and one shriveled tiny dwarf arm, I don’t think this is going to fit. I had already attached the sleeves and knit half the yoke before I took this photo and realized my mistake. What the hell, Dayna? I was very, very close to a full-out conniption fit.

Sigh. So, what happened was, there are supposed to be five rows between each cable, and I knit four rows between each cable on that one dwarf sleeve up there. Add all those missing rows together, and it makes quite a difference, huh?

I ripped back 40 rows of the yoke and one entire sleeve, and so I’ve spent my days off trying to get back to where I was. I’m just about done with the sleeve; it’s probably going to take me another couple weeks at least to finish this. I’m pretty bummed about being so far behind already on my Knit 12 Sweaters in 2010 resolution, but I do have 2 sweaters in progress that I can finish pretty quickly and those will help me get back on track.

I hope you’re all enjoying the wintertime and having better luck than me at whatever you’re creating lately! : )


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