IKEA Project: Craft Cabinet!

I may or may not have mentioned, but back on New Year’s Day, my husband and I made a massive trip to IKEA. I’d been once before, to the Virginia store almost four years ago, and had been dreaming of returning ever since. Last February, a store finally opened within two hours of us, and we spent eleven months saving and planning for a big furniture haul. Big. Like…big. We rented a truck.

We’re actually planning on going back to IKEA next month when my in-laws visit for a small trip, and I’m going to document that visit, then write a “How to Survive IKEA” post. Until then, I wanted to show some of our purchases. Before I do, I want to note that I was (and still am) slightly filled with consumerist middle-class guilt about the whole purchase. In light of news stations streaming 24 hours of terrible things happening all over, and knowing what I know about the world and how lucky I am to be where I am, I feel kind of like a douche celebrating the purchase and owning of things.  On the other hand, I don’t think it’s intrinsically evil to like having pretty items in my house. I work a lot and spend a lot of my emotional and physical energy on helping other people. It feels nice to be a little selfish once in a while. It’s still a mental struggle though. I think I would not make a good Buddhist. I like things too much.

This is what my puny “craft area” has looked like for the past five years:

That’s actually a cheapo storage chest that I got on my first IKEA trip for $29. It was really flimsy. The drawers sagged and you had to tug really hard to get anything out of there. So I knew I wanted to get something else, something both pleasing to look at and easy to access, to store my crafty goodness. I thought about getting this lovely red bookcase with glass doors or maybe an Expedit workstation with a desk that would be perfect for my sewing machine.  When we looked at these in-store, I saw that both options were going to be way too big for our little townhouse.

Then, browsing the bookcase area, I saw this. And fell in love.

I almost didn’t buy it, but my husband wisely talked me into it. I’m not a very greedy person, but when I get that feeling about an item, I will not be happy until I own it. It happens very rarely, but when it does I will become fixated on it with laser precision until it’s mine, all mine. He knew if it didn’t come home with us, I would regret it and he would have to hear about it for weeks.

{For any IKEA shoppers who happen upon this, that’s the Edland linen cabinet. And do yourself a favor and use a carpentry square to line up the frame, because it’s totally wonky when you’re trying to put it together. It still didn’t come out totally lined up, but good enough.}

I spent last weekend dragging out all my crafting stuff and staring in horror at what I had accumulated…

…then whittling it down to things I actually want to own. I ended up throwing out or donating a couple garbage bags worth of stuff I’d collected over the years. Then I organized what was left into piles: sewing stuff, embroidery stuff, knitting stuff, paperwork stuff and random things I labeled “bits and bobs”. I organized the paper into boxes like these and everything else into CD boxes and DVD boxes in the Kassett line (I bought the white, instead of black or green.) I cut out little pieces of pink cardstock for the box labels.

Then, the fun part! Organizing and putting it all into the cabinet. I am aware that “organizing” and “fun” do not go together for most people, but what can I say? I am a born librarian.

This is the bottom drawer, where I put small leftover balls of yarn, projects that are waiting to be frogged, and works in progress. These Komplement drawer organizers are AWESOME. I used half of the set for my sock drawer, and the rest are used here. Highly recommended.

Other craft supplies got boxed; buttons went in a glass jar; magazines went into magazine holders; knitting needles went into a glass on the top shelf; books and yarn stash were arranged on a middle shelf.

I just love it. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it a hundred times over. Every time I walk by my new craft cabinet, it puts a huge smile on my face. It’s so lovely to have my yarn stash out where I can see it, and everything is vastly more accessible and just so much prettier. Happiness!


7 thoughts on “IKEA Project: Craft Cabinet!

    • Thanks! It kind of does, doesn’t it? I told Dan when I was taking the photos that I was making crafting porn. hahaha

  1. I’m desperate to buy this item to complete my Edland collection, but it’s no longer available in stores. Would you consider selling it?

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