Sweater # One: Vivian

I publicly stated that I will knit 12 sweaters this year, and I really think I will. I might be insane, but it’s do-able. Just having that goal sitting there in my head is motivating me already. It’s not even halfway through January, and I have a lot of progress made on my first sweater, Vivian.

This is a cabled sweater. A very cabled sweater.  Like, lots of cables everywhere. I had a lot of trouble knitting the first few rows because it requires laser-sharp focus and that’s hard for me to come by lately. I did make a big fat mistake with the first few rows and had to rip out and re-start. If you’re about to cast on for this sweater, here’s how you avoid it:

In the middle of the LFC and RFC sections, there are 8 stitches that look on the chart like seed stitch. And what do you know? They are seed stitch! Don’t be like me and read the chart wrong. Being used to lace charts that have a purl-back row, I read the chart right-to-left, right-to-left, right-to-left. Nope! This is charted every row, so you read it right-to-left, left-to-right, right-to-left, left-to-right, and so on. If you don’t get that (and I still kinda don’t) just know that you’re supposed to do seed stitch in that section. I had ribbing in the middle of my LFC and RFC and I KNEW it was wrong but I kept at it anyway. The eternal delusion that if you just keep knitting, somehow, someway, it will turn out right.

Apologies to any non-knitters who read this blog. That was probably really boring.

I am still without my main camera lens, so there’s not much else to share. There’s a lot going on knitting-wise and house-wise, and hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon when I break down and buy a new lens! Hope your January is off to a good start. : )


3 thoughts on “Sweater # One: Vivian

  1. I did the same thing on the lace trim when I knit the Veyla mitts. I knit four repeats that did some weird, weird things before i finally realized it had to be wrong and frogged it. Then I noticed those handy little numbers, even on one side and odd on the other, marking the rows so you wouldn’t do exactly what I had done. I was very indignant — after all, I’ve won ribbons in the fair for things involving lace from charts! But i did it for the same reason as you, I’m used to the purl back row.

    But that’s looking very nice… what yarn are you using?

    • I’m glad it’s not just me who makes that mistake! And I just kept knitting, even though I knew it was wrong. Doh.

      It’s Cascade 220 Heathers. The regular 220 is a little bit scratchy to me, but the Heathers is 100% merino, so it’s nice and soft.

  2. I did the same thing. My main language is danish and I´m not that good in english. And I´m new in knitting so I looked at a lot off pictures off Vivian. After 4 rows I ripped it all up and started again. I did that about 4 or 5 times…. I think I get it now but I´m only a row 12….
    I just started yesterday. I also use Cascade 220 some Peruvian Highland Wool.
    I´m allready looking forward to weare this sweater.

    Have a nice week-end

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